Pickup community was 'pure' when it began through the various group channels of the time, where each one member was testing different techniques and theories and writing about their results later, so everyone could get help or even try those theories, and with their feedback people could tell if this technique worked or needed correction on some points.

America's latest trend is the infidelity. Not from women, as it may be your first thought, but from men, and with the consent of their wives.

A friend asked me to give him my opinion on Mark Manson's concept of "vulnerability" (and his book "Models"). Although I didn't read his book, I searched for more information about Manson, so I can give him (and you) my opinion.

Pornhub, one of the most famous porn sites, did a global study on what types of porn do women watch. And when the 24% of their viewers are female, this study seems interesting.

Clubbing. The love of our Saturday nights as teenagers -and not only. I remember when we were waiting for Saturday to come to go out to the big clubs where our main goal was, of course, to pick up women.