Some time ago I had written about the leaked stuff of Hollywood's "ladies", where we 'fell from the clouds' (?), when the company's "pay a lot for something that is not worth it, as long as you say you have it" cloud system, turned out to be easy for hackers to access it and we've seen a lot of hidden secrets of the celebrities, mostly erotic stuff [1].

Now, in this article, I'll be mention another somehow relative video, which I cannot put its link because it's porn, so if you want to see it for the needs of the article, look for it as "Bad Times at the Bachelorette Party".

In this video, the women involved in this are paid to dance sensually in order to give a picture of a place with free morals. There is and the 'victim', who is irrelevant from the main staff, usually she's married, who wants to take part in a bachelor party, which believes that Sodom and Gomorrah are in there and of course she's not stupid not to participate. She thinks, 'Why to miss so many attractive men here, especially when no one is going to judge me?'. Sounds like a correct logic.

So in this video, we see such a 'victim', where she thinks she is in a real bachelor and after dancing with a man, she sucks him. And only when she (or he) is finished, she cries and that's the reason why this video has so many shares.

Now this woman is crying because this man has finished quickly and she wanted more? Is she crying because he finished and they don't go to have another round? Did the guilt get her? Is she crying because she will return back to her husband? Is she crying because her husband is not like this man in the video?

Unknown. The only thing left to see through this video is that women are both whores and ladies, depending on whom they are socializing. If you let her know that you are not somewhat weird with her sexual choices, that you will not judge her and that you want to behave like that- to you, then you will be the one who she's going to suck with pleasure. If not, then another one will have her, the one who made her feel that way.

That's life. It's not fair, but it is. Learn to play with her rules.

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