Yeah, these happen too in our society. A girl with two boyfriends tests them to see if they are loyal...

So she asked for help at the channel "To Catch a Cheater," where they set up a scene with another charming girl while she watching them from a screen (they have a lot of such videos on their channel).

The result was the "bad boy", the one she has more interest, want to cheat, even he said that he's single. On the other hand, the "nice-and-always-faithful-guy" was not impressed by the girl's charm and told her that he respects his relationship (yes, he respects the woman who cheats on him).

She did not believe what she saw, and she even became angry when the "bad boy" was planning a meeting with the girl while kissed her for goodbye for the sake of getting to know her.

Now for the nice guy, to say it more clearly, the girl doesn't give a f*ck because she had him as a backup plan, to have someone go out with when the bad boy was somewhere else. She also says that she still want Steve, the... bad guy of the case and even she makes some excuses that he didn't cheat on her yet.

I wrote many times about it. Women become the biggest sl*ts, but only for the man they want. And the one they usually want is the man women cannot control, the one that makes them wonder whether he really wants them or why he does not want them. And do not forget, the one who makes the best sex. [1]

The nice guys are like their toy, to keep them busy until a real man comes around.

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