Body language

If something is necessary to learn, is the body language. Both men’s and women’s body language. After many eBooks and DVDs, I noticed that more or less, the body language between sexes is the same.

So I will tell you the key to success. With time i understand that the body language can be learned by practice. Our attitude should tell to others that we are relaxed and not afraid to talk.

Have straight posture. Do not make nervous moves. Seat back, with your shoulders wide open and not make a lot of movements with your hands.

If you hold a drink, do not hold it on your chest. Have your legs open, shoulder-width apart and beware to not have the exact opposite posture from the one mentioned

If a woman wants you, she will playing with her hair, or with a necklace or a bracelet, while talking to you, or even she will starting to touch or play with her lips in front of you, to touch you or ask more to know more about you.

Over time, I began to learn about and to understand the women more. I started to think about my earlier encounters with women. I noticed how ignorant I was, the signs were there, in front of me and i was blind.

Never mind, I said to myself, we are gaining momentum.