Neg or not?

Although I do not recommend negging as a proper move to gain attraction with a girl, i believe though that sometimes negging can be useful.

The logic behind negging is to say something in order to show to her that you are not an easy man, or you aren’t attracted to her -yet.

Although i prefer the disqualification from the neg, but sometimes, as i said, negging can be useful.

After some time, my friend started to have some form of anxiety, because this girl had tough game.
So i tried to play with her. I said to her:
-Me: Nice eyes. I guess you wear contact lenses.
-She: Everything on me is mine (while touched me with her hands).
-Me: (Jokingly) Whoa, do not touch me. You have to buy me a drink first, if you want to touch me.

After that, the girl started to behave differently and tried to win me over. But i believe that many girls will not always accept negging positively. And if a girl loughs at your negs, don’t overdo with this.

Neg is not useful to direct approaches.