Nice guy = her friend?

OK. You met an amazing girl and you want to do something more with her. Good for you. But how do you do that? In the classic way? That is, you will show her that you are a nice guy and with time she will understand that you deserve to be with her and why not, have sex with her. Nice thought. But read below and decide what to do.

So, let’s say that there are two people, George and Mary (random names). Who are having a happy relationship. They are sharing everything, they say everything to each other and they have no secrets. They do not fight and even when George does something that will hurt Mary, he immediately apologizes to her so that she does not get mad. The same is true when she blames herself, George asks simply forgiveness and even when it’s not his fault.

So this is a very good relationship, isn’t it? They talk about everything and they go everywhere together and have fun. Mary likes looking at men and when they go out together, George is jealous when she looks and talks to other men.

They also embrace and kiss each other often, especially when they go out with other people together. In short, they having the perfect relationship between a man and a woman. Without any doubt there are always comfortable with each other.

Why are George and Mary doing so well together, they have such a good relationship without the slightest disagreement, but they are always amused and not fighting?

Because George and Mary are not having sex. They are good friends…

Yes, you read it correctly. They do not have sex because they are friends.
A problem often encountered by men is to fall into the friend-zone list each woman has. In there, she puts those who she are NOT going to have sex with, like her girlfriends and her friends.

Once you get to know a woman, from the very first moments you are with her, you are being judged whether you will enter her friend-zone or her lover’s zone.

This is a point you need to understand. If you become her friend, you will never have sex with her. If you become her lover, you will not be a friend of her. There is no return, if you choose to “walk” on one of these two paths that each woman has.

Believe it. It’s something that your parents or your school will not teach you, as they did not teach it to me either. Men often try to go under the radar, being a nice guy, do everything a woman wants and when they are thinking that they are doing well with her, they’ll tell her that they love her or like her etc.

However, it doesn’t work like this. You shouldn’t do all these at the beginning of your relationship with a woman, because behaving like this, you will be her friend.

That’s why you need to stop being a friend of her. For women, male friends are something like her girlfriends. They say everything, they share everything but of course they do not having sex.

Do not be afraid to tell her something straight, deny her something, decide on something, etc. It will not hurt her, do not worry about it. You will see that they like it.