Tight game

If you are into self improvement, then tight game is what you should try to achieve.

Tight game is what makes you to distinguish among other men (even from “alpha males”). Tight game is the ultimate goal of your development, the moment when you have remove every piece of crap that society have put inside you.

By having tight game, means that you are bold, sexual, challenging, humorous, with strong frame and boundaries, a man who is not afraid to take risks, a man who is hunting only the best women and who is not giving a shit what anyone else is saying about him or about his actions.

But you can’t fake it if you don’t have it, is wrong and women can understand it. By faking it, you just reinforce the wrong ideas in your mind (“i am not so good, so I have to fake my style“). But trying and achieving it, breaking your old frame, is the ultimate goal you must have.

Of course it would be easier to everyone, if there were more real instructors out there teaching this. But they are teaching how to use fake stories and lines, or they are teaching the M3 model, a system that doesn’t help you to become a real man.

A book of fake lines can’t replace your genuinely self. You should using it only when you are ready to become better, as a tool to help you stand on your feet. But with time, you should avoid anything fake and rely on your self. It’s more of a self discovery trip thing.