Women Love Bad Boys #2

Our parents tried to teach us how to be nice guys and always respect the women. But this advice make us, well, “nice guys” and, according to the studies, the women loves the “Bad Guys” 🙂

The blog “The Inductivist” has many articles about women and why they like Bad Boys. In this post, the author quotes a study which says that women makes children with prisoners (and not with their husbands).

Mean number of children
One lifetime arrest 3.00
Two 2.95
Five 2.86
Ten 3.38

Many prisoners have children, according to studies. And may looks strange, because they are in prison for a long time (many of them, at least) and they are not so social guys. But they have sex and women are going “crazy” for them. So, instead to trying and be a “social clown”, trying everything the books and “gurus” are saying, think about this for a moment. They f*cking without using any PU product.

Family size does not decrease with more arrests for either race. The correlation between number of offspring and number of arrests is -.02 for whites and .02 for blacks; in other words, there is no relationship. According to the MIDUS Study of non-criminal men aged 45 or over, the mean number of children is 2.62.  Criminals have just as many, if not more, kids. (I’ll look for prison inmate data–jail inmates have a lower average level of criminality.)

When it comes to attraction, women are easily attracted to bad boys. While such men inspire attraction to women, the women in prison however do not inspire confidence or attraction to men, like -prisoners- do to women.

If you wonder why women seek such men, is simple:
Men looking for beauty and youth, for women charisma and inner strength.

In another article I will mention more about nice guys and bad guys.