Tiger Woods

I decided, as a minor change to the blog, to add articles that have to do with Lifestyle, like references to celebrities, etc. So, after the previous topic with the best dressing awards at the “Golden globes”, here I’m writing about one of the best golf players in the world, Tiger Woods.

Although it’s possible many of you to believe that it would be better to start the selected category with someone who has been used many times in pickup community (eg Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise), I think Woods is closer to what I believe as someone with the best inner game. Besides, many actors are not so “strong” in real life (are Betas), as they are in the movies.

For me, controlling your thoughts, is the basis of my approach to “success in life”, and I will make a short presentation to Tiger Woods and what I believe he have succeeded.

Anyone who has read about his life, he noticed a raising of Wood’s career in the last (10+) years, making many people wondering how it is possible to remain so calm during a game.

I have read that his opponents are afraid of him and do not want to be his opponents in a game. What is the hidden force that seems to have the Woods that his opponents are afraid of?

An example of how calm he is, even under the “pressure” anyone have during a game

I don’t know him personally, nor I am a fan of golf. What I believe for Woods is that he has managed to “control” his thoughts, so he can control his feelings also (if you have ever been thinking of something that is scared you so much, so your heart beat feeling like it is pounding very hard and your voice changed? This is what I mean), so he always looks calm.

For example (my opinion):
When he is in a middle of a game and he begins to feel anxious, with his heart pounding. He may be thinking something like “I have to calm down” and he relaxes.

His palms are sweaty. He may be thinking something like “I need to calm down, so I can win this game“.

He starts to tremble before every major hit. He may be thinking something like “I must concentrate on the game” and he calms his body.

As I said in a previous article, our thoughts controlling our behavior. And I believe that Woods has been accomplished that. But he is a human and if he did this, we can also reach this level of calmness.

For your information, some time in my path to self-improvement, controlling my thoughts was something I forced myself to achieve. So I’ve tried everything I could find on this topic and saw on myself what is true and what is not.

Imagine you could be in the Wood’s level, would not your life be different? Do you like to tell a woman what you really want to tell her and not be stopped by this “tiny voice” in your head? Would not it be better? To see a woman in a bar and the moment you starting to feel strange when you think that you want to approach them, to be able to control your fear and approach her boldly?

With solutions to many similar “problems” many people have, I will talk about this in future posts.