Is red wine so beneficial?

Surely, if you read the many benefits that red wine has on various Internet posts (and not only), you will want to drink a glass, for its benefits.

Some of its benefits are weight loss, the reduction in pressure, longevity and many more [1, 2]. In short, we are talking about a miracle. But unfortunately, newer research shows that it is not as good and beneficial as we thought.

Resveratrol [3], the antioxidant contained in red wine and considered to be miraculous, was also the target of researchers in a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine [4] and according to the results, red wine did not extend the life expectancy of the subjects.

The research led by Dr Richard Semba of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine monitored the levels of Resveratrol in the urine of 800 volunteers (aged over 65) for 9 years. All volunteers lived in Chianti (In Tuscany, Italy, where it is also famous for their wine [5]).

According to the study, volunteers who had high levels of Resveratrol, were likely to have high levels of inflammation, develop cancer or cardiovascular disease or even die, like other people. The levels of Resveratrol combined with a Western diet did not have a significant effect on the health status and risk of mortality of volunteers in this research.

If Resveratrol had such a positive effect on our health, we would have to drink so much red wine that we would die from the excess quantity, since we should receive about 100 to 1,000 times the quantity contained in a typical glass of red wine a day (about 1000 liters of red wine [6]).

On the other hand, companies are trying to put large amounts of Resveratrol in a pill so that we can get the benefits without the side effects of drinking, but with problems so far [7].

Sure, if you like red wine, you can drink it. Besides, it is the healthiest of all kinds of alcoholic beverages. But certainly do not expect a benefit for your health from it.