Alpha male videos

The term «alpha male» is like the golden goblet in the pickup community. You may read about «how to be an alpha male», «how to be alpha» etc. But how a real alpha male is behaving?
Below are some videos that you can watch their body language, their style, tonatility etc.

I know, they are actors and not REAL alphas, but they are professionals and far more better from the clown PU instructors.

Note how the protagonist, throws cuff to Ashley and how he reacts (leaves without saying a word), and that responds to the same woman Rhett Butler, who is the alpha of that scene. Watch carefully also when he says that she is not lady. Also see the expression of his face. Very good…

This video is from TV Show «Californication» and shows us hot to be bold.

In this video you can see an amoging technique.

In this video you can see Sean Connery on how to be bold

A scene from James Bond. These scenes are must in community.

Superman vs Clark Kent Body Language Scene, or an alpha vs beta behavior

Alpha man V.S Beta man- Reason why alpha male always rules

Just Friends
The theory on just be friends with women

[Originally posted in Feb 12, 2012]

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