Amoging and tips

Although i’m writing only what i consider as good field report, as i avoid to write anything happened to me, i want to mention this post as a few tips that could certainly happen to you.
Yesterday i was in a club and i went to meet a group, mixed (men and women), as i liked a girl in this group. At first i went and talked to her and the guy next and i told them that i came for a minute and i have to go back to my friends etc. In a few minutes, some guys from a near group, began to join this group (it was a big group, sited in 2 tables). Of course before they come, i was sure to win over some of the men in the first group, who were friendly. When the men from second group began to join us, they were not so friendly. I believe that they didn’t like the idea a random guy to steal their princess.

I can say that my energy was high. I was more cooler than the other men in these groups. So, they started to ask me about me, what i was doing there etc.

But they didn’t see coming my secret weapon, «ignore». They didn’t exist for me. You can’t imagine how powerful is when you ignoring someone. They tried to talk to me, but i continued to talk to my target and she was starting to liked me. After many tries, they felt that they can’t do something (and my target was into me), so they left us.


And the strange thing was that a couple who was just beside us and dancing, stopped and the girl came in front of me and started telling me that she liked my way and wanted to meet with me etc …

And another happening, in a bar next (some hours after the above situation), i approached two girls. When we talked, a waiter comes with some short drinks to give to these girls, from some dudes over there. Girls said that it was the seventh treat this night.

Beware here, you don’t have many options, so you have to gain group’s control again, because it happened again to me and then i waited from them to return to our discussion (they didn’t), but your value fall immediately. So, what i did was to take one of these drinks (was two of them) give it to my target and i said to her that it was from me. The other drink was for me to drink it with my target 🙂

[Originally published on: Aug 2, 2009]