Body language

A single lesson necessary to learn. THE body language. Men’s and women’s. After many eBooks and DVDs, I noticed that all more or less is the same.

So I will tell you the key. With time i understand that the most of these lessons are learned by playing.
Our attitude should be witness that we are relaxed and not afraid to talk. For our own do not need a lot.

Have stable posture. Do not make hasty moves. Have back over your shoulders and not make many movements with your hands. Do you got to the point about the navel.
If you hold a drink, do not hold above the navel. Have your legs open, shoulder-width apart and do not have exactly the opposite, you have one foot open to what time 2, assuming that it is at 12.
For this, to know if wants you will be playing with her hair while you talk, play a bracelet or necklace, to stain the lips in front of you as you speak, to frequently touches you, to ask questions you etc.

Gradually over time, I began to learn and to understand women.
It is something like the code, if you know, do everything.
I started to think about my earlier encounters with women.
I noticed how ignorant i was so long, the signs were in front of me and i was blind.
Never mind, I said to myself, we are gaining momentum.

[Originaly Published on: Sep 21, 2008]

Ποια είναι η γνώμη σου;

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