Hidden camera shows how and what women look

I have posted a video showing what men in the sight of a beautiful woman. Let us now see how the women look the crotch of a man, especially when something extends somewhat.

What the guy in the video below did? He put a camera on the point at issue, which «strengthened» artificially. After sitting in different positions on the subway and began to record the women’s reactions, when they think they are free to look as noone is watching, we can see from licking lips, staring, pulling with mobile, signs between friends etc (as we said, they are afraid not to call them sluts, so when they are believe they are «free», they showing as their true self). This shows us what women do for a big p*nis, something that reminded me where Liv Tyler found ‘distracting’ Justin Theroux’s giant bulge.

Ποια είναι η γνώμη σου;

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