Schmuck is most often used in American English as a pejorative or insult, meaning an obnoxious, contemptible person; one who is stupid, foolish, or detestable. [Wikipedia]

Many people deny everything new. Particularly narrow-minded, they accept nothing but what they know (or what they believe they know).

So in everything new, there will always be and those who not only will not accept that you say, even with inconspicuous arguments, but they will try to show how stupid they are by trying to show that they are always right.

Take, for example, Aristotle. When it was said thousands of years ago that earth is round, everyone was “creeping”, behavior that still keeps on everything new.

What I want to say is because I have read many discussions about self improvement and most of them are negatives, do not fall into the same “trap”. Do not be blind and do not be narrow-minded. Most negative comments are from people who do not know, but also from people who are friends with women and are still waiting in their “turn”.

I mean, you can start the irony, classic bullshit line, “so, you wait to learn about women from the books?”, Which I read on many sites when you go to ask for advices.

If one has no one to help him, YES, he will browse the internet. YES, he will read books to learn what he has not learned so many years.

So do not listen to any “smart-ass” who want to stop you from changing yourself. There are countless of them and you do not have to fall into their level and explain them what you do.

Start with yourself or with a friend of yours and when you start to improving, they will ask for help too.


Yes, you can become (if you are not) better with both women and men. As I did, and did hundreds of people. But it wants work and patience.

If you are one of those who do not believe anything but what TV and the media tells you, then you can continue your way.

This community is for open minded people who want to take their lives, not have others to lead them. It’s for people who think they can improve themselves for the better.