Shark, AFC or Jerk?

As we can see, there are three types of people.

AFC’s, they have some fear or not experience generally try them behave as good as possible and be «good guys» with them.
We, the people who try to learn how to behave and how to talk to women, escaping from the list of «friends».
«Jerks» or the bad guys as they are known, who have complete disregard for them and women at a surprisingly «hook up» with them, regardless if they are brutal with them.

The «bad guys get the girl» idea is difficult for someone to accept it, especially if he is an AFC.
Have you ever seen any girl you know be with someone who you think is «bad» and told her to leave him?
Her answer is always the same, that he will change someday and become good. So, the trying to make him change, hoping one day to become a good guy.

The women usually interests at the relationship have made some effort to win, despite the relative who generously gives his balls to the plate.

In comparison, try to tell a girl you know, that her boyfriend is a very nice guy. Usually she will try to defend him and tell you that he is not such a nice guy, but he is a bad boy sometimes. This means that women don’t like the good guys, except if they are their bros.

But, someone can ask, why so many women are with men who are «nice guys»?
The answer is simple. Women seeking their ideal man. Inside them, they yet leave this «Prince with white horse that would get her» mentality.

The truth is that with time and as they grow, this idea changes. So if the «one» never comes to her, they will search for something similar or, at least, someone to be with her, so they don’t stay alone without anyone.

[Originaly Published on: Oct 19, 2008]