Women are using Tinder to con men into doing chores

We all know that women using «beta» males into doing chores for them. Now and due to popularity dating sites have, this is going to a next level.

Women know that losers can do anything for them, just to have some attention. According to New York Post, a woman, Fiona Bloom, needed an air conditioner installed in her apartment. So, she went on Tinder, in order to find someone to do the chore for her.

From New York Post:

The 47-year-old, who has been dating in NYC for the past 20 years, decided to put the app to use after being repeatedly disappointed by the city’s dating pool. «I’ve tried speed dating and all the dating apps, but every time I put my real age, all I get are idiots and losers,» Bloom, a publicist, tells The Post. «I figured, why not make them useful and have them help me around the house»? «I don’t feel guilty using them for a little help.»

Fiona Bloom [Photo: Stefano Giovannini, Via NY Post]
Fiona Bloom [Photo: Stefano Giovannini, Via NY Post]

Guys, stop doing chores to a woman, if you don’t have a sexual relationship with this woman. You look just a desperate guy and women don’t have any sympathy for desperate men.

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