This article is about a video that is viral (1.5ml hits at the time I write this post). In the video we see a guy, "opening" chicks with the line "Hey, I like you". This video, even though I knew about it, was sent to me by some followers of the blog asking for my opinion, so I thought to make a post about it.

Before continuing, let's watch the video:

So in this video we see a guy, approaching some women in a straightforward way. In fact, at the beginning of the video, we see him 'game' a girl with success, while in the next few attempts he does not do it so well (the rest women do not have the same impressiveness and behavior as the first one), but they do not avoid him (some of them gave him their number).

If you remember, I wrote that women do not like the cold approach, especially on the streets and that only some of them will accept your approach (it's like playing "lotto"), as opposed to the instructions of the PUAs who tells you that the most women will accept this kind of approach because they are impressed (according to PUAz, your looks doesn't matter, as long as you approach them by a natural-brutal-direct method and women will fall into your arms directly because... you are the "man" they always dreamed for).

I also wrote that women sees you as hopeless, if you approaching them randomly, while they are more open to be approached by people who they already like (I will say more about it below), while again I said that if women like you, they will give you the green light themselves to approach them (they will look you constantly) and such opinions came against the theories of the community.

You could say that based on the above video, my opinions are 100% wrong. That just any man, with such a straightforward approach, he could attract almost as many chicks as he approaches, so it does not matter your looks, is only the direct approach that counts and women will love your approach (Regardless of the guy on the video who is not ugly, we overlook it for the community's sake, the importance of natural-direct approach and nothing else really matters).

So, all of the men are sitting and dealing with theories and motives, but they did not think the simplest: Because a woman is out for shopping or is single at that time, it doesn't mean that she would automatically fall into your arms because you act like a "natural", or you are in a "mood/state" (and you paid a lot of money to be in that state).

So, you believe that women are like robots, where we have only to "press their buttons" and they will fall into our arms, they have no standards, no values, no brain, etc. For example, men can blame a woman who didn't want to do something with a guy (she is called a bitch, etc.), but they do not think that she just did not want to do something with that particular guy. "No, I'm PUA and she must love me, that's it".

Let's also look at the uncut version of the above video and I will continue below

In this video, the reality is somewhat different from the original video. The same guy, the same day, in exactly the same way of approaching and as you saw, most of the women he approached, avoided him. Some women said that they had a boyfriend, others that did not know him, and others ignored him completely.

Also, when I saw the uncut version of the video, it was strange to me how so many people were impressed by his style and they were sharing this video constantly, since as you can hear, he says the line "I like you" stuttering (unless if he do it as a technique). This makes me think that the average "PUA's" game level is very low if they were impressed by this style...

This article is not to make men stopping day game, but to show you the reality (or even comment on the 1st video as I have been asked for). The point is that I want to show some things that, from the hype that has been created around the cold approach, the world has overlooked and certainly has not noticed.

Here I want you to think about something. Compare the above video (and the below video with the Germans asking women how they prefer men to approach them and see that women's reactions are the same. Now watch a random PUA video on Youtube and see that their approaches are the same (I mean in the style/comfort). What's the difference?

The difference is that the PUAs are trying to show you that they can win women (usually hiring them for their videos, but this is another story), for money or fame, while in fact, they getting the same reactions or results with any other guy who tries to approach random women. Which means that most women's reaction to a cold approach on the streets is - almost - everywhere the same.

In this video, you can see that in fact none of them managed to seduce any woman. I chose Sasha's video because I consider him a legit. Two men that have a very long time in the game, they are instructors, they are good looking and not ugly. But, wait, doesn't the direct approach make women "react positively" even on the streets??? Especially if you ask her "the meaning of life" on the street, as Sasha did and received the corresponding answer (at 5'). Oh, come on, "the meaning of life"? On the streets? Really Sasha???

Now about the looks, I wrote in my previous article. It is not a wrong proposition on my part, nor do I forget that I am one of the first who promoted the direct method in the community when most of them promoted Mystery's method. Neither have my opinions changed about alpha males and alpha game.

I know firsthand that a good game can override the looks (I took about 40 pounds on purpose to prove that to myself when I started the serious game). However, I also know very well that getting a strong inner game requires a lot of work and effort from your part, something that most people do not like and they are choosing the easy way (Neanderthal-Brutal-my-a$$ type of game).

So, to improve your appearance, as you will read about it from this blog many times, it concerns if not all men, surely the newest people of the community (even the hardcore inner-game fans do not go out without dedicate enough time to their appearance, no matter what they say, those who are "stuck" to an idea and do not accept other opinions, are the most hypocritical).

Improving your appearance can bring you to the next level much faster than trying to approach a lot of women daily in order to build your confidence. Improving your appearance can give you a boost in your self-confidence much faster than multiple approaches. Later you can choose to build a strong inner game, but for starting, go and improve your appearance, it is your shortcut to be liked by more women and get the green light to approach them.

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