See how easily and simply you can "connect" with a woman, even ~10yrs younger.

Connecting with a woman you talk is very important. Making her comfortable with you is your first step, but this can not be done if you are not comfortable and relaxed when you talk to her.

Also, if you already know her from your social circle, comfort is already there. However, you should somehow connect with her emotionally. No matter how beautiful you are or how much attraction you can make her feel, if you can't build an emotional connection with her, you can't continue.

For example: You: Excuse me, what time is it? Her: 8.00 You: Oh, okay, thank you.

Did you see any emotional connection? Even if you are the most attractive man on the planet, you will not do much with a woman. The attraction keeps only a bit, the emotional connection is what's lasts forever (or for a long time, at least). However, look at a simple way I tried to connect emotionally with a 17-year-old girl (I'm 28yrs old).

I was in a group of friends, along with a few people I didn't know at that time. I sat next to a beautiful girl, but I wasn't talking to her. When she got out her mobile phone to check her messages, I saw something on the phone and I started a conversation with her about that.

At some point, I asked her what type of music she listens. She replied that she listen mostly Rock. -Shark: And from Rock what do you listen the most? -She: I listen to this and that.

Now watch. Everyone would say something like, "Yes, I like this music too," in order to show to her that they have a similar taste in music. Others would say they do not like it and so on.

This is what I said to her: -Shark: And what do you like the most about this singer? -Her: His voice. -Shark: And when you are listening him, what his voice makes you feel?

At this point, when she replied, I noticed that her voice changed a bit, as she was getting emotional. Remember that women love feelings and if you bring them positive ones, they will connect the positive feelings with you.

However, NO negative feelings. DO NOT do the above in something that will make her remember sadness or anger.

-Shark: Funny, because I just feel the same when I hear him. I even remember a moment when he was singing and blah blah...

Anyway, sometime after the above dialogue, I wanted to disengage the atmosphere. I did it because if I kept going this way, she would see me either as her brother or something else, but not as a potential lover. If you try hard to "connect" with her, it does not always have the desired results.

So I said: -Shark: Do you hear anything else? Do you like Rap music? -Her: No. I do not hear Rap. -Shark: Then, nice to meet you (with a smile!). If you do not listen to rap, then we cannot continue this conversation. -Her: No, I did not say that. Of course, I could listen to Rap music, when my friends want to listen to.

And we kept talking.

This is a simple way to build an emotional connection with a woman.

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