Let's take another look at an article that analyzes the hottest topic of men if the appearance plays a role in flirting.

Though I do not like to repeat the topics, as I had posted an similar article and before, with many photos and videos, this time I post another article on the same topic but more depth.

I close it here and we all go to our homes, no further analysis needed IMO...

Note also that this post will bust the myth that women, who avoid eating junk food and they eat only yogurt, women who spend a lot of money in hair salons while spending most of their free time at the gym to build the perfect body, these women do not give a penny for the appearance of the man, as long as he is, well, brutal.

This post will show you the sometimes brutal reality. A reality that almost no instructor, dating guru or dating coach knows or dares to tell you.

Don't worry bro, just have confidence, women will love you for that...

By saying that only self-confidence is important, dating gurus and other instructors make it clean, throwing the blame on you. "You were not confident, bro," You were not in phase" and other bullshits. It is not their fault, of course, their advice was legit, you have been wrong. After all, what cannot be easily obtained? Appearance? Of course not, with a good diet and a little exercise, you are up and running. The confidence is what you can not easily get and there, of course, they are targeting.

There is no doubt why they love this game. To admit what is happening in reality and to say that theories are wrong is a psychological burden. However, our society continues to show us what women really want from men and to insist that what you see is a lie, that is, that appearance and money are not playing an important role, then I'm sorry but you have been fooled.

Appearance VS Confident: Just imagine their reaction if the following prank was from an ugly guy...

Before we start, we should emphasize that for the society, the same are attracted and not the opposite. That is, society will approve a relationship between a couple who are socially closer, rather than the opposite. For example, a famous woman will go with a famous man and so on. It is difficult to get between these things, which means that the chicks who are 9s and 10s want and the appropriate... qualifications from a man.

The dude in this video does a tremendous job with analyzing some things, surveys and real video from women who comment on the appearance of the man. No instructor is going to show you this.

See, as an example, Cameron Diaz's lovers (a random choice). [1] Singers, actors, millionaires and the list goes on. Do not expect a poor guy to touch these "golden" puies, OK? These puies can be touched only by the appropriate hands. Just google how many famous women married with businessmen to understand what's going on.

You see, for many women, what they care about is how they will have fun, with less effort. That's why you see them in reality shows because their purpose is to get easy money, which of course they want for their own good (or to spend it with their man).

On the other hand, they also become prostitutes or pornstars, as they can make a lot of money. This is the reason, in my opinion, why some women appearing with famous people, they simply do it to become famous and themselves and have then their own "goods" in the industry. No matter if they sell love to this famous dude, they do it to take advantage of his fame.

And it's interesting here to see two videos with the same woman, Stacey Thompson. In the first video, she interviewed a "huge" man, but with a baby-face.

Now watch the difference in her behavior when she speaks to the same, but more muscular, man. The same woman, with the same man who looks more masculine in the 2nd video than in the first one and he looks more attractive.

Why So Many Women Are Dating Less Attractive Men?

Why so many beautiful women are dating less attractive or ugly men? Before we say that this happened because those men had confidence (we will talk more about it later), let's analyze the reasons a woman dating someone who is not very attractive.

You have to insist bro, her "no" is just a shit test...

He holds a position or she needs something from him

The mother of all reasons. A woman is dating an ugly man when she has benefited from this man. Many women can sell love to someone, mainly because they need his for something or he holds a position and they want to take advantage of it to achieve their purpose. Old classic trick.

And if this sounds strange to you, then you can read some women say why they did not love their partner. [5]

As I was looking for more stuff on this issue, I randomly saw the video below. The woman is beautiful and her guy is less attractive. One would say, at first glance, that the guy had this "thing" that men should have in order to win women. However, I read that this woman is from Canada and went to Australia, and even wrote a book with tips on how to go to Australia. However one can say that she took advantage of the guy to get the visa, while her profile in her Instagram page you rarely see him with her [4].

She was single for a long time

The next reason why a woman dating an unattractive man. Many women, when they are single for a long time, they are more vulnerable (as I call them) to a man who's hitting on them.

Especially when the summer or the Christmas or the Valentine's Day is coming, they are even more vulnerable and more open to a relationship than any other time in her life.

Also, if they are turning or they are over 30 years old, their hormones begin to push them to become mothers. A woman near the age of 30 is very likely to get married to someone she couldn't even see in a photo when she was at her 20s.

He clicked with her

There are times when a man can go unnoticed by a woman or they are friends or even he knows her for a long time but at some point, something he does or says touch her emotionally or makes her "click" with his and she starts to see him as a partner. This was the target of the Mystery Method's techniques, and we should not forget that Pickup was created for the men who are unnoticed by women.

You may have seen this many times, in your work for example or somewhere else, where a woman is dating a guy she didn't want before. This is also something that Kezia Noble notes in her book.

Sometimes, one's insistence can win them.

Then, when their first child comes into play (and this is also true and for the previous reason), her feelings are now clear. There she understands that she feels nothing about him anymore and the end of their relationship is near. Indeed, according to recent research, faith in marriage (for women) lasts about 3 years (close to the first child) and 1 in 2 marriages end in divorce. [5] Thus, women are more inclined to commit adultery between six and 10 years of being with someone and according to studies, more and more married women are cheating. [6, 7]

And if Rihanna broke up with her billionaire boyfriend because she's "tired of men", think about the other women who are married for years. [8]

He has money

This will never stop and now with the economic crisis, this phenomenon will grow. As I previously mentioned, women want to have fun, and this is the reason why so many women become wh*res or they have a page on porn sites or why there are so many of them looking for their "sugar daddy". [9]

And we shouldn't forget and those women who are asking for money, in order to send to you some naked photos or videos of her.

For many women, this is the purpose of their lives, to have as much fun as they can. So they grab their makeup tools, their best swimsuit and they go out looking for their next rich victim...

She want to get married due to family pressure

Somewhat rarer, but more common in the county. The family, and especially the mother, is pushing the girl to get married. Moreover, they are pushing them to find a nice guy with money (money to spend with his wife and a good kid to stay away from adultery).

What exactly does a woman want from a man?

In a few words; Him.

A complete package of looks, money, and fame. This "package" is what they want in a man.

No matter how strange it seems to you, women want a good looking man next to them. It increases their value as much as a man's value get increased next to a beautiful woman.

Generally, their priority is someone with fame and/or money. Either fame or money, they want it for their own sake. And as time passes, this phenomenon will increase. In fact, many women leave their men because they do not make enough money [8] and I personally know 3 such cases.

Also, an important role plays the position a man has. For example, a barman or a DJ has more women than a waiter. A guitarist (even in a local band) has more women than a salesman. A store manager has more women than the one who cleans the tables, and so on.

On various TV groups, women are like crazy about two men and they can not tell who they love to watch more, Cillian Murphy (Peaky Blinders) or Jensen Ackles (Supernatural). Most of the votes, however, go to the 2nd and the following video where he speaks, I doubt if most women hear what he says, but it shows us that when they like someone, they hang on its lips. Even if he was speaking Chinese, they would have the same reaction. Ackles is a guy who has the whole package women want...

I will mention and a more recent example, to understand what women want. This is the Morocco coach Herve Renard, who won the hearts of the fans and became the most discussed man of the World Cup [9, 10].

One of the reasons fans were impressed was his similarity to the actress Nikolaj Coster-Waldau who plays Jaymy Lannister in the "Game of Thrones" TV show, with many posts on Twitter about this. [9]

And last, they want the brutal man, the one who promises them wild sex.

See, for example, the man who claims to have the world's biggest penis who say that major celebrities, including Oscar winners, have sought him out for sex, to understand it better. [10]

Not so much the barbarian macho man, but the man who women cannot easily control, who they never can be sure whether he wants them or not.

That's why they stay with someone who hits them. This is psychological and I will avoid analyzing it more. See, for example, Lindsay Lohan, who her boyfriend hit her but she stays with him.

Of course, women seeking the hard, brutal and confident men. This article is to understand what is really going on with women.

Every pickup article or video talk about how to approach women, who to make them see you as a partner, etc. But in general, they say the same and the same, over and over again, they do not give you to really understand the woman, what she likes and what she wants.

Although I've added similar photos and videos in previous posts, just read about how attractive men on Tinder can say whatever they want and still, they f*ck the girls, while the others looking for "the best opener for Tinder." [22] Also, in a related article, 25 Korean women asked what they want in men, and most of them answered looks and money [23].

Me when flirting...

If you do not have the looks and/or the money, don't worry, nature can help you. You can still be the 3rd type of men, the real confident male, and as I said, this is the main purpose of the blog. More about this, however, I will write in future articles.

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