Most guys don't know what they are doing when it comes to starting a conversation with a girl. An excuse guys keep saying all the time is, "if only I could start a conversation I'd be good to go from there."

It is not your fault that you don't know how to properly approach and start a conversation with women. Thus, the information that's already out there about how to begin a good conversation with a girl is garbage.

An example is when some instructors advise men to talk to girls using open-ended questions so that the conversation will not die. One example was that if you see a girl in a coffee shop you should say, "do you like the coffee here?" The logic is that by asking if she likes the coffee (or any other open-ended question), it will guarantee she has a response. But this is not always for real.

Then there is the good old-fashioned "opinion opener", where you approach a girl and ask for her opinion as a female on some fabricated scenario that you read in a book. This is a technique called "indirect method" and it will certainly demonstrate your personality to the girls you approach – a guy that is so out of touch with himself and reality, that you need a fake excuse to engage people in conversation.

Finally, there is the "direct" approach to beginning conversations with women. This style advocates that you approach a girl and tell her that you like her, or find her attractive and want her number (or, you want to [email protected] her, a more brutal approach). This is a little better than the previous options.

So what's the foolproof trick to begin a conversation with a girl? Right in the middle. "What the [email protected] does that mean?" you might be asking yourself. It is so simple that you will be shocked at how effective this is.

'Beginning in the middle' means that you should approach a girl and just start talking as if you are continuing a previous conversation. Skip the introduction, skip the opening line, just jump ahead of it all. A favorite line of mine using this method is simple, I ask her "How are you?"

When you do this, it really doesn't matter what you are saying. No matter what you say to her, it will be random and out of context – there is no way for it not to be.

But it will generate intrigue so fast it will make her head spin. She will be wondering if you two have met before, but she will not recognize your face. She may wonder if you have confused her with someone else.

Either way, she will drop her guard will want some sort of resolution to what is going on and her curiosity will drive her crazy. Now, instead of you trying to introduce yourself to her, she will already be trying to figure out who you are and what the hell you're all about... and your job just got that much easier. And sometimes she will try to "hide" that she doesn't remember you and she will act like she knows you, but this is not something that can happen in every approach.

From there the conversation has begun and you can even feel free to back up to the introduction stage. After this sort of the first impression, a proper introduction will be anything but boring.

Here is an example of how this would play out in a grocery store. Let's say you saw her checking some apples.

You: "Those apples are no good for making sangria."
Her: "Wtf???"
You: "Especially with a heavier wine it will just be too sweet to tolerate."
Her: "Do I know you from somewhere?"
You: "Oh sorry, I'm Shark."

From this point there is a ton of questions she can ask, such as "why the [email protected] are you talking to me," and this is a good thing, as you can have more to talk about.

Now you have a reason to tell her that you thought she was cute, or explain that you wanted to meet her. But rather than simply throwing all your cards on the table, by using a direct approach mentioned previously, you can instantly and effortlessly add a layer of intrigue by simply 'beginning in the middle.'

You can then get right back to what you were talking about, giving you not only something to say but also something to propose that you two go off and do together. In the example above, the obvious target of yours is to suggest that you two can go out to drink wine, but after you have some talk with her.

Now, this is not the only way to begin conversations, but it is one great quick fix for guys looking for a better conversation starter.

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