Most men try to have a few dates with a woman, before attempting to go for sex. Here are some tips on how to make it happen on the first date.

Always plan to go in a place near to your house. It's easier to go to your house after the date if it's near.

Make sure she doesn't bring a friend with. You can't move things forward if there is a friend of her along.

You should make her sit next to you. She will try to sit opposite of you, so you have to tell her something like "come and sit next to me, I can't hear you well".

Make sure she has no plans later on. If she already has, you can make her cancel them, if she likes you.

Talk about your house. Tell her about your kitchen, your sofa or anything else. Plant the idea of your house in her mind.

Try to move things to sex. You can ask her a sexual question, in order to test if she's ready for this conversation. Prepare for shit tests. If she is not comfortable yet, keep talking for anything else and try again later.

Always try to touch her while you are talking to her, but avoid looking at the touch point. Always look to her eyes.

At some point, ask her for her favorite music or movie. You can suggest to go and listen/watch it to your house later on.

Always make her feel safe and comfortable. Don't look like a guy who has months since the last time he talked to women.

Keep in mind to have condoms before go to your house. Be prepared.

Remember, if she's on a date with you, either she likes you either she wants to know you better. Have it as an advantage and try not to ruin everything.

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