Being honest with a woman is the key in relationships. Men allow their fear to dictate their behavior and they are afraid to tell a woman how they feel about her.

The truth is that women respect men who are honest. Just be straightforward, don't lie, it's simple. Just tell them who you are and what you want and don't try to hide behind pick up stories and lies.

Just ask yourself, whose happiness is more important? Yours. If a woman wants to play games with you, then simply don't play. You have no time to play games. Your happiness is the only game you should play.

If you feel that something is going on with this woman, then you should tell her how you feel, don't bite your tongue.

Let's say for example you are on your 3rd date with a woman, you pay for everything and she gives nothing in return. Then you should tell her how you feel, something like:

Look, sweety, this can't continue. I don't know if you like me, but I like you and I wanna [email protected] you. I do anything for you and you do nothing for me. So if you don't want to have sex with me, then this is our last date".

You see? Don't investing in a "product" that you don't have a clue what is about. Even the best stores, give you a sample of the product you want to buy before buying it, to take a taste.

As I already noted, women respect men who are honest. Sometimes they simply don't know what your intentions are if you don't make your intentions clear. That's why I like methods like "Mode One" by Alan Roger Currie because they put you through this type of thinking.

If you tell a woman you like "I want to eat your pu$$y" and this makes her laugh and she replies with something like "Are you crazy?", then she likes you too and she waited for this moment.

But you should be clear with her if you want a relationship or just a one night stand.

This demands from you to be free from any negative emotions you may have and be strong. You see, we men, when we care about a woman, we don't want to do or say something 'bad' that may make the woman go away. You have to accept that you may have no sex with this woman if you want to be honest with her. Otherwise, you will continue acting like a nice guy, because you are afraid of not 'losing' her (or better, of not losing her company, because if you don't have sex with this woman, you never really had her).

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