The greatest gift we have is life, as long as you can live it.

The world is full of living dead people. With so many people who live without actually living.

We forgot what we are, what we want and what we are going to do. We forgot to live! We lost the meaning of life, its point, its values ​​, and ideals. We become zombies, living without purpose.

If your life is not a gift, then what is a gift? If the sun you see, the air you breathe, the rain that flows over you, the sea that looks at you and the sky that covers you is not a blessing, then what is a blessing?

If all these people who are close to you, your beloved people, is not happiness, then what is happiness?

And if the love, the passion and the desire that takes hold of you, is not luck, then what do you think is luck?

If the fact that you are healthy and full of power is not a joy, then what is it?

If you can dream and make plans for tomorrow it's not a faith, then, what is faith?

If you can fight for what you believe, no matter the result, it is not a power, then what is power?

And if the wealth of your soul and the feelings you can feel and share, is not a hope, then what should be called hope?

If the things that passionate you and fill your heart are not beauty, then where is the beauty?

The biggest gift is your life, my friend. Live your life!

Live, fall in love and make dreams! This is life.

Fight for your dreams, feel, act, fight for what's right and what's wrong, learn from your mistakes, overcome your fears, because that's just life!

Feel blessed and happy, feel lucky, be happy, have faith, have strength and hope in you because the beautiful ones are here, next to you and if they are not, they will surely come one day.

Live it, that's why you were born!

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