A few years ago, I came across a woman I used to know. Talking to her and asking her what she did the last summer, she told me that she was on vacations alone. Since she's very attractive, it seemed strange to me that she was alone.

Her friends, she told me, they were already married so she had no one to go out with (something that stands to everyone over his 30s). "What about a boyfriend?", I asked her to get the following answer:

"A boyfriend? What to do with a boyfriend? To have him around and not [email protected] me? There are no men today my friend, they have vanished, most of them are momma's boys and they do not know how to make love, even the rabbits are better in sex than the most today's men. They cannot satisfy women, I'm not a nymphomaniac, I just can't be satisfied from the men, so I'm better alone."

But what about today? Is what this woman said something that is rare today so we don't have to take it seriously? Surely women have a sexual freedom that older generations did not ever imagine. If you visit a nightclub, which is full of young people (around the age of 20 or below), you may notice that the young people are not too "erotic".

I mean that you will not see many couples being together, and you will usually see more friends, either from school or somewhere else, and it is something that seems strange to me, if we think that the new generation has full freedom and of course have access in many ways of communication, in relation to people a few decades ago. And if we compare today with the yesterday, there is certainly a tremendous increase in men who look too weak and too feminine.

And although you may see many "sets" that being "mixed", often by friends and colleagues, nowadays rarely you see a man approach a girl (and I am not talking about those who are involved in the PU community, but the old time classic approaching), which makes you wonder if the young people are finally looking for sex or they simply want to find a girl and just be together, so they can avoid the family asking about their sexual life.

I think that men, as time passes, act less and less as "males," while we behave too feminine. And it's not something I just noticed, but it's something that concerns others too, so let me show you some studies, before continue.

A recent study tell us that millennial generation turning their backs on sex is in the highest numbers since the 1920s [1].

Another study has shown that young people (Millennials) turn their backs to sex after having sex, and they have sex for the first time after their 20s [2]. And of course I know that there are also 15-year-olds who make sex like rabbits, but here we are talking about the mass rather than isolated incidents. The strangest thing would be if the boys who have sex at 15 years old was more and only a few who did not, not the opposite that happens today.

And this is not something that's happening only the last years. For example, since 2006, the Japanese began to worry about the growth of "Herbivores", young people (less than 40 years old) who ignoring sex completely, but they like to watch porn and surf online (reminds you of something?) [3, 4, 5].

And when you read news about Japanese people who are virgins up to the age of 34, then something is happening in this country [6, 7].

If anything, the - near - future will provide many alternative solutions.

And we are not talking about a few dozen people, but for millions [8]. That's why the women in Japan have "fallen in love" with a gorilla and are queuing to see him at a zoo in Japan, even pointing to his masculinity (some compared him to their husbands, saying that the gorilla is way more masculine), thus they make him a cake for the Valentine's Day [9, 10, 11, 12, 13].

And it's not only about the Japanese. For example, in Britain, the quality of couples' sexual life has been greatly declined since 1990, while they prefer watching their favorite TV Shows through services that allow users to watch an entire season instantly [14, 15], such as "Netflix", and according to another study, the today's myth that wants young people having great times and having sex all the time, has now been busted [16].

Yes, the young men have great times, drinking and partying [17], but in sex they somewhere stuck. According to a study, sex problems do not only affect middle age and older people — teens and young adults have difficulties with sex too [18].

It seems that this tendency has not been left unaffected even the Sweden [19], where, according to the country's health minister, the latest sex survey of the Swedes took place 20 years ago, and all the data and surveys that have seen the "light" of publicity shows a decrease in Swedish sexual activity. Indeed, according to a "Futurologist", in 2025 women will do more sex with robots than with men [20].

In Sweden again, there are reports that most men are gay [21], and this may be the reason why Swedish women "love" the refugees and want their permanent residence there.

Penguin returned to his nest, found his... wife with another penguin, they fought and finally she chose the other penguin. That's life...

And in another study [22, 23], researchers found that young people up to 35 years of age, prefer food than sex, because they think that sex is a lot of work for them. In fact, 53% of respondents said that food was their favorite social activity, and 56% thought food shopping was one of their favorite pastimes.

So what's wrong?

Surely sex is not at the level we might think it is and I think there is a great responsibility from men. That's why women prefer having sex with migrants/refugees, and some of them have sex with multiple migrants, since they do not find what they want in sex from their partners (Ok, kisses and cuddles are needed, but good sex is what they really want) [24, 25].

Men are at risk of losing their identity. Everyone is attacking them and soon, saying that you are proud to be a masculine man will cause you problems in social networks (hate and racist comments, etc.). The gay community does everything it can to convince the world that to be a gay is something you must be proud for and that everyone must agree with them or why not, to be on their side. And when men start wearing makeup, then something today is wrong [26].

Let's remember how real men behave. The next - beta - generations will scream in horror when they see such a behavior because they will be brainwashed by the media and the system. And I'm not homophobic, I am just bored with gay's great presentation by the media and their behavior like "we are a minority, we will say and do what we want, the world is with us."

And although my point is that today's diet is actively involved in this declined desire for sex (increased estrogen in men, reduced testosterone, and libido, hence no interest in sex), a serious problem is also the increase in porn watching, where it causes countless problems in sexuality. But for me, it is mainly due to the plastic junk we eat, as well as the system who growing beta men. But really, if a man has reduced testosterone, he certainly will not have the same "aggression" or behavior towards women.

For example, in 2006, scientists looked at the fish in the Potomac River and found something strange. Although female fish were normal, the males however, instead of their reproductive system (sperm), had eggs [27]. Yes, the males had eggs inside them!!!

On the same year, a study revealed that more and more young people are dealing with impotence and lack of interest in sex [28]. Yes, we are talking about young men at universities, not old men. You should not even listen to the words "erectile dysfunction (ED)" and "reduced libido" from young men under their 40s, not even for a joke!

And do not forget the research who shows that more than 15 percent of young men had a sperm count low enough to "impair their fertility", a quantity much lower than previous generations [32].

What a girl can do in order to arouse him (and have sex with her, maybe?)

In short, our diet causes many problems in masculinity and our sexuality in general. That's why "special" pills are sold like candies, while new formulations make their appearance, such as the Viagra mouth spray that perks up blokes in seconds [29].

But is not only that, as we could just change our diet and would instantly become an alpha male. But is another problem, a bigger one, the system itself.

Many times I have mentioned that men today look and behave like boys and not like men. But what do women think of a man who does not look and behave like a real man?

Along with a friend, I went to a woman who 'loves sex', in order for my friend to get to know her (and even have sex with her). She avoided talking to him all the time, despite his attempt to engage in the conversation. At some point, I asked her what was her problem and she told me that he was a mommy's boy, and she thought that he most likely was a virgin.

I told her that she is wrong and I ask her what's her problem if he was a virgin, virgins don't want to have sex? She told me that the men who are so shy, they turn her off and even when she first saw him, she thought that he could "finish" before he even touch her, so she told me, "So, what can I do with him, do you believe that he's able to make me understand anything in sex?".

So you understand if you seem and act like a "beta" male, like a man with zero confidence or a strong presence, then how do you want to approach 9-10s and to pick them up? And, no, trust me, NEGs and "behave like an alpha male" can't help you, sorry, women are not idiots, they can understand if a ma has no confidence from miles.


Women enjoy good sex, in addition to the cuddles and hand grips on the beach. Men have begun to avoid sex, but instead, they want just to have a girlfriend for a relationship. A relationship can make them safe, so they don't have to look for a woman anymore and so they can spend more time playing with their PlayStation 4.

Women, on the other hand, in their attempt to find good sex, they do not hesitate to enter the camps of illegal immigrants (aka refugees) in order to find it. And while they know that these men have no sympathy for women, imagine how desperate women are.

Do not think that women go to the refugees' camps because they want to help them. The sex with them is what they are looking for [30], a kind of sex that their partner/man/lover (sometimes and all of them together, as they have multiple partners) is not been able to offer it to them.

Lastly, the term "Half-Night-Stand" has also been "invented" [31], where they can leave a man cold, if the sex is not good or if he can't get fully hard (a problem many young men have).

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