The story of a student-teacher love that at 17 he said to her, "Whatever you do, I will marry you".

His wife, 64-year-old Brigitte Trogneux, is a grandmother with seven grandchildren, 25 years older than her husband and his former teacher and is likely to be France's new first lady if 39-year-old Emmanuel Macron emerges as the winner of the French presidency.

Macron met Trogneux when he was 15 years old. "In 17, Emanuel told me: Whatever you do, I'll marry you!" Trogneux said in an interview last year at the Paris Match.

Footage captures the moment a 15-year-old Emmanuel Macron (left) kissed his 40-year-old teacher (right) - two years before he declared he wanted to marry her.

The flame of their love lit up when Macron participated in performances by the literature teacher and head of the theatrical group at the private school of Amiens in northern France where she was attending. It was then called Brigitte Auzière and was a 40-year-old married mother of three children. One of her daughters, in fact, was a co-mother of her future husband.

Since then, Macron impressed his professor. "In class, she always used him as an example," said a former student of her in the Daily Express. "He kept writing poems and she read them."

Their co-operation brought them closer when, next year, they wrote together a play. "There was incredible intimacy. We were writing, and slowly I was completely impressed by his intelligence. It was not like the others. No one will ever know at what point our story became a story of love, it belongs to us, it is our secret," Brigitte later said.

The reason I am writing this article has to do with Macron's self-confidence. Macron wanted his teacher and insisted on making a relationship with her. He even boldly told her that "he was going to marry her" and his attitude impressed her. Eventually, his insistence won her and a few years later she divorced so she could live with him.

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