Although I have already mentioned in an earlier article about testosterone, which plays an important role in the characteristics of a man or better in what distinguishes a man from the betas, it is interesting to look at the relevant examinations of some Buzzfeed's male writers.

What we can see in their results, has been known for a long time, and we all know a little bit that the plastic food we eat reduces our male hormones and yet we still wonder why a man seems like a kid, why are there so many womanish men (I do not mean gay, but men that if you close your ears and hear them, you will think that is a 12-year-old girl talking), why men do not lose weight or have gynecomastia, why they do not have good sex performance, why so many young men have erectile dysfunction or can't keep their erection and more. And yet the answer is known, the problem is mainly caused by today's diet, yet no one seems to be interested except for a few, to know what to do and how to be protected.

In the image above, you can see four men's results of their testosterone levels, where, as you can see, these results are from men aged 85-100 and not from men so young [1], with the exception of the Asian Eugene, who although had the best testosterone results from the rest (free testosterone), still his results were too low for his age's normal range. The normal range for males is about 270 to 1,070 ng/dL, with an average level of 679 ng/dL.

The above men, although they are beta, are lean and we can not blame overweight for their low testosterone levels, neither we can say that they just live only to breathe and eat trash all day.

After failing to catch his snack, he gives up every effort for life...

We see, therefore, that male feminization progresses normally. These men are also the new model of men the system wants to pass.

And because I refer to the "system" and can be considered graphic, I should remind you that this male model was a part of the Obama Administration's marketing plan for the Affordable Health Care Act titled "Pajama Boy" [2].

From the Marlboro Man to Pajama Boy...

Their results, along with all the other exams they did, are analyzed in the video below, where you can see them in... action to searching who is considered more attractive. For me, they should also search who seems and acts less gay (except for the doctor who explains to them about testosterone, as he's the only true male in this video).

At the same time, the amount of sperm in men has decreased by as much as 20% compared to older generations [3]. For example, a man in the 70's had about 99 million sperm per milliliter of sperm; today the average is 47 million.

A normal fertility is considered to be anywhere above 40 million sperm per milliliter, which means that in a few years there will be significant birth defects, something that has been predicted (?) in the movie "Children of Men" [4]. In the film, in 2027 the fertility of humans has reached zero levels by a virus and this has created tremendous problems in the global equilibrium. The youngest man on the planet is killed in his eighteen, and mankind faces a prospect of gradual extinction.

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