Manspreading is the practice of men sitting in public transport with his legs wide apart, thereby covering more than one seat. Both this posture and the neologism "manspreading" have caused some internet criticism, and debates in the US, UK, Turkey, and Canada.

The public debate began when an anti-manspreading campaign was started on the social media website Tumblr in 2013; the term appeared a year later. The Oxford English Dictionary added it as a word in August 2015. The term has been criticized as "a caricature of feminism" and has been juxtaposed with examples of women taking up excessive space in public spaces [1].

Madrid is now the newest city to ask men to stop manspreading [2], a campaign similar to the one in New York City and Japan [3, 4].

And with the 'help' of the internet, this may be soon into your city too. Day by day feminists works against men's rights.

This is acceptable in today's society, sitting like a man is NOT.

"The Municipal Transportation Company (EMT) will incorporate the informational signs...specifically for avoiding ‘manspreading’ (an English term that refers to the posture of men who excessively open their legs when they sit occupying the seats alongside theirs)," EMT said in a statement on Tuesday [5].

The Equality Council and the feminist team 'Microcorrelatos Feministas' worked to put this campaign into operation, which has collected over 11,000 signatures to address this "problem" [6].

The transit agency in Madrid said it will post the signs on all buses asking men to keep to one seat and one seat only [7]. "This new icon's mission is to remind people of the need to keep a civil behavior and respect the space of everyone on the bus," the Madrid Municipal Transport Company said.

Sitting like this, may cause you problems...

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