Today is a fact that men are just so soft.

I do not know the story behind the video at the end of this post, what I know is that women have begun to take the upper hand in our society.

I know, some people will say that this is not the truth. The point is, however, how a woman can hit a man so bad and he does nothing.

Our society pushes the change of the roles. See the latest photo from the new movie "Terminator 6" to understand where the things are going.

Give me your heels, your mascara and your purse".

So, no more the image of the macho man in the movies. The movies are no more gender neutral and the message is simple, the men should stay in their homes wearing their pajamas and let the women do their job.

Previous generations were lucky to have movies that showed how a man should behave. Nowadays, the movies show that men are soft and women are the best and they can do anything. All of this pro-female propaganda does nothing for the morale and outlook of young boys at all.

It is a pity for the children to grow up looking permanently on their mobile screen caring for nothing else. The society will make them slaves and they will have a submissive life, in their school, and later in their lives.

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