When we are talking about the type of men, we need to mention the main two categories, the nice guys and the bad boys.

Nice guys are the majority of men. You can watch nice guys everywhere. But in dating, you may already know (or you should know) that bad boys are the type of men women love. In the following table, you can see why women want bad boys over nice guys.

Note: The following table is taken from somewhere else. I don't remember the source though.

Nice Guy


Calls everyday
-10 because he is desperate
Call once a week
+10 because he never calls
Make plans 2 weeks earlier
-10 because he is too available
Call for a date a few minutes earlier
+10 because he is busy
He has a job
-10 because he is ordinary
He never works
+10 because he is not ordinary
He wants to meet her friend
-10 because he wants to enter in her life
He wants to date her friend
+10 because he is making her jealous
He wants a serious relationship
-10 because he wants one and only
He gives no promises
+10 because he is a challenge
He does anything for her
-10 because he is dependent
He satisfies her only when he wants
+10 because he is independent
He takes her in expensive restaurants
-10 because he makes her boring
He wants her to cook for him
+10 because he eats her food
He shows too interested in her job
-10 because he makes a lot of questions
He shows too interested in his job
+10 because he makes her a good listener
He talks about his feelings
-10 because his feelings do not match hers
He never talks about his feelings
+10 because he makes her fantasize about how he feels for her
He brings flowers with no reason
-10 because he makes her feeling guilty by accepting his gifts
He never promised to bring flowers
+10 for his honesty
He always dressed very nice
-10 because he always wearing "geeky" clothes
He is not caring about his dressing
+10 because he has nice body
He tells stupid jokes
-10 because she bore him
He tells stupid jokes
+10 because he make her laughing
+10 because he has a nice car
+250 because he is a good kisser
Nice Guy: -110
Bad Boy +370
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