Clubbing. The love of our Saturday nights as teenagers -and not only. I remember when we were waiting for Saturday to come to go out to the big clubs where our main goal was, of course, to pick up women.

We were buying the most trendy clothes at the time (eg Levi's 501) and of course the necessary hair gels and cologne (usually "snatched" by those who had bigger brothers and they were sharing with the rest of us -don't look at today, the 90s were the best time for friendships too) and we were going out for what else, women.

Our favorite store :)

Clubs have put an end to the good old discos and in turn, they were the places where you could meet women. Usually, in those places, women are more than men, something the staff was helping for, as I believe that the staff were trying (and keep trying) to keep a good proportion of men-women with more women inside (and the most beautiful at the hot spots of each club) so men keep staying in the club drinking (because as it is known, the drink eliminates every social phobia) but also buying drinks for women. A win-win situation.

If you are old enough, you may remember the face control from the club's staff on Saturday nights.

An era without duck-faces, stupid-phones and miserable selfies to show to the others that we are having fun (today's fake "fun").

Going to a club was the absolute way to meet a woman. Although people always had fear of approaching, the only thing you needed was a push from a friend, a relatively good appearance (if you watch any old school womanizer, you will notice that they always watch their outfits and of course their hairs), and sometimes some dancing skills.

The game was relatively straightforward, mainly because women were going out for the same purpose, but also because there was no internet back then (and many of today's activities), so you didn't have any other opportunities to meet people. And guess what, they did not need any PUA stuff and pseudo-Alpha male techniques to fuck or to meet a woman, people were used to meeting each other all the time. So, let's honor the old dudes, who they had to do all of these without the help of an instructor and books while having to deal with yesterday's social situations.

Lately, the scene has begun to change. What I have noticed is either the men to be more than women in the clubs/bars or that there are groups with a lot of people. And with this, I don't mean big sets of women, but mixed groups where there are and men too (usually friends), making the approach more difficult, especially to people who are not used to approach mixed sets.

On the one hand, the economic crisis is certainly a cause, where a lot of people can't withstand going out anymore (and they will can't withstand even more in the years to come, as the real financial crisis is yet to come) and they are unable to give money to go to a club or bar for drinks (plus the taxi or other additional costs that goes along with a Saturday night).

On the other hand, the internet and the other social media, there are many people who prefer to stay in their home and have fun over there, instead of going out (there are many people who rather staying in on a Saturday night).

I'm sure that the biggest and most "in" club of the next years will be the Facebook, where groups of people will be connecting online at nights, "partying" and... sharing fake news, while making use of likes and other emoji reactions FB added recently, to keep the interest of its zombie users (yes, zombies, as an experiment correlates the Facebook addiction with cocaine). Let's FB-arty baby.

In addition to this problem, of the few women in clubs, there are and some other problems I will mention below:

-The women who are working for the bar/club and they are sitting close to the entrance on purpose so they can fool the customers to think that they are customers too so there will be an interest from men. Many times those women happen to be waitresses or bartenders of these bars and are going there with their friends to make the bar seems like having many women customers.

-The staff who are suspicious of the "game", where their eye constantly looking at men for "suspicious" movements and can make you feel ashamed in order to "save" the... innocent girl from you. Many of them are betas and may be interested in some of these girls too, hoping in this case girls will like them. When something like that happens, meaning if they would come and (cock)block you, then you can see them stay for hours at the girls' table, and maybe they will even buy them drinks, hoping, of course, to "reward" them later.

-Her - usually ugly - friends, who are few and keep the "queen" in the middle. If they realize that you are trying to pick their queen up but you have not received the green light from her, they will try to cockblock you. This is something many girls do, but it's a problem, especially if you are in your first steps to the game. Of course, this is not always the case, as sometimes the friends of a girl I approached, they gave me space when they saw that she was interested too.

-The "smarter-than-her" phone, which keeps the girls busy all the time and they have no time to play the eye-contact game with anyone. You can approach them completely cold, but you are in danger of being a loser because they will misinterpret your intentions (they often take it unkindly and can say "can't you see that I'm talking (or busy)"?). In this part, the two "problems" I mentioned above, will come to "save" her.

-Some girls (mostly under the age of 24) who likes to make fun of men. They usually do it when they are approached by someone who has not a solid game or if he's much older than her, while other girls do it with satisfaction (I have heard it).

The increasing number of men who want to pick up women, causes some other problems in "night game", because they going out to the best clubs/bars, making the staff more suspicious and causes them to have their eyes open (as I previously noted). They do this for two reasons (in my opinion), first because they do not want girls to be bothered by men, with the fear of not coming back again and secondly they want from you to buy a few drinks for the girls before you approach them.

But is not only that. Let's say a new club opens (with the simple name "Club" for example and of course if I was Apple, I would trademark it as my own name and then I would sue anyone else who' calls his club as... "club"). In the beginning, it will have more women than men, until men find out that it has plenty of fish and then it begins to get more and more men.

So women will leave this club and never come back (because the club has been "messed up", as a girl told me when I asked her about), so the club will slowly turn into a... military camp. So, after that, the owner can only organize various events to keep the interest alive (in a nutshell, having women, because truth be told, a dead club is a club with no women inside).

A video that shows the fun of the good old days. Besides the right proportions between men and women, the people back then were going out to have fun, something that does not happens today (a lot has changed in our lives, that's for sure).

I'm not saying that this type of game is "over" and that you have to take it out of your choices, but with time this is where is heading (and I am talking about the few selections of girls and not about a comparison on "night VS day" game). Surely it will be a choice for those who want to go out and dancing (although the salpa parties will take the most people in the future and in a few years no one will want to go to clubs), but the night - game - is changing, maybe slowly but is changing. See also the rise of other alternative ways of entertainment. And the increase in men who are trying Day, Social and/or Online Game, confirms that.

Without the appearance of the sexy girls affecting you, notice the difference between this video and the above from the old times. What I wrote a few lines above? Oh, yes, "events to keep the interest for a club alive". If there were 10 girls for every man in a club, surely events like these would not be needed.

The first time I noticed this was in some big clubs in Chalkidiki (GR) a few years ago, where despite the countless people in the clubs, there were not many women and, of course, I saw it again and in other big cities in Europe. Note that I can not be in all the major clubs in Europe at the same time to count people and maybe you didn't notice it yet in your city but you will see it in a few years (or sooner).

I believe that the game will be played more in the VIP places of the big clubs (ie the hottest girls will be there) while the other men will have to find girls at the rest of the club. Also, great importance will be given to the style/appearance of men and certainly to their game.

Since men are more than women in the clubs today (see the pictures below), the competition between men will certainly grow. So surely just a beard or a tattoo will not bring you to the top of the men and will be required to be in style and have a solid game in order to be successful with women.

Closing this article, I've added some random photos I found after a quick search. I put them here to show the great difference between men and women in European nightclubs. As you can see, men are more than women.






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