If there's one thing I love from the Seduction/Pickup community, is that they always bring out and a new trend. 10 years ago it was the 'indirect' method or the pickup lines. Next, it was the 'Direct' method of 'gaming', to continue with a more direct method, like the 'Mode One', to skip this and go to more 'Natural' method and with time, more and more 'aggressive' methods are appearing.

The last 'trend' is however 'How to be fearless' and in my opinion is the next big thing after the 'Caveman Seduction' [1, 2, 3, 4].

If you search for 'Fearless', Amazon returns 1,351 results, YouTube about 2,8 millions and seduction4life, a site that shares seduction related products, returns, well, a lot of results too [5].

But what is fearless meaning? According to [6]: Without fear; bold or brave; intrepid. Oblivious of dangers or perils or calmly resolute in facing them.

This is the Pickup community's dream. Yes, you can be like him with only $697 [Price of the Platinum Edition of RSD Max's Fearless Program).

But what is to be fearless? Fearless is a generic term. Anyone is afraid of something, like the fear of dying or starving, fear of other people, fear of approaching or flirting women, fear of spiders, failure, war, criminal or gang violence, public speaking, being alone, the future, and nuclear war [8].

Thousands of videos like this, but still people can't overcame their fears.

For instance, let's see some fears RSD Max notes in his latest product's promotional page [1]:

"I'm afraid of getting rejected…" "I'm afraid of approaching that attractive girl…" "I'm afraid of running out of things to say…" "I'm afraid I'm not good enough…" "I'm afraid I'm a loser, I'm inexperienced…" "I'm afraid of the other people that are going to judge me…"

Note those fears are the same, the fear of approach. You are not fearing to approach a girl because you are afraid of running out of things to say, but you are not approach her because you are afraid. Period. All the above are just excuses our mind makes in order to avoid approach a girl.

But those experts are saying that they can make you fearless. And of course they are not referring to the most types of fear, but those related to women and how to be bold. Ok, it's a start but their system has some flaws.

First, you can't become 'fearless' or overcame completely something you are afraid of. Let's say you are afraid of heights, you can't overcame this fear, but instead, you can to accept it and learn how to fight it, in order to not be a problem anymore.

Let's see another example. In the video below, this dude wants to be 'fearless'. So he is trying a 'trick', something that many people are trying in order to overcame their fears, he screams in front of people.

The problem with this, however (and NO, you don't need an instructor in order to do it), is that it's a temporary fix. These guys are among other guys with the same problem, so they all doing the same 'practice' and no one can be ashamed of the other guys.

But if you take those two men and put them somewhere with a lot of people, like in a shop, where they will be alone. Then you will see that they will not have the same 'braveness', because there is a different place with different people.

Let's see another example. Let's say that you are trying to be 'fearless' with women, so when you see a woman coming across you, you start to tease her or you compliment her, because that is something a man without fear usually does.

But what you will do, when another woman come across you, but this time with a muscular man on her side? You will compliment her like the previous woman or you avoid even the eye contact with her? So, you will still 'fearless' or you are 'fearless' only to single women?

So this 'fearless' thing has some flaws. You can't be 'fearless' in a particular situation, while in another you are afraid.

In my opinion, you can't be completely 'fearless'. Some fears are there to protect you, like the fear of jumping in a scarp or the fear of approaching a hungry lion.

Once you are afraid of something, let's say of approaching a woman or to tell her that you want to f*ck her, then you can fight to overcame this fear, but the fear will be always there, inside you. Every time you want to approach a woman or tell her that you find her attractive, your fear will be always there. But is in your hand to avoid listening to this fear and do what you want to do. And after many retries, you will see that this fear no longer affects you, that is still there, but without any power on you.

So, do not believe those 'Fearless' products. No one can make you 'fearless', but only you. Sometimes, those experts who are teaching you 'how to become fearless', they are afraid of women more than you.

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