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This guy at work liked me but he was really physically unattractive. When he asked me out I said "No way, maybe if you got plastic surgery, you're an ugly loser". It was definitely harsh, but it was what everyone in our office was thinking. I go on a holiday for 2 months overseas and then come back to work and what do you know, he's had plastic surgery on his face. Furthermore, his face has been "corrected" in such a way that he now has very handsome facial features. It's even made his eyes stand out more, which were actually quite nice in the first place. Now he's got the girls in the office flirting with him and he loves the attention. He asked me out first two months ago, so maybe he'd still be interested in dating me? He took my advice after all, so I'd say he thinks of me highly enough to listen to me. I don't like a guy who asked me out and I rejected now having all these girls around him. They didn't find him attractive before the surgery either. Should I ask him out? I don't know what to think anymore.
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