As we will see, there are three types of men.

-AFC's. The men with a little on no experience with women. They have insecurities about themselves and they are afraid of the women. They behave as good as possible with them.

-Players (or PUAs). The men who are trying to improve themselves or trying to meet as many women as possible. Also, the men who know how to behave and talk with women, the men who never get friend zoned and those who make love with them.

-"Jerks" or the bad boys, as they are known, the men who are disrespectful with women and the men women always prefer. They are also brutal with them.

The bad guy gets the girl idea is difficult to be accepted by the majority of men, especially if they are AFCs. Have you ever seen a girl you know to be with someone who you think he's a "bad boy" and you told her to leave him?

Her answer is always the same, that someday he will change and he will become a good guy. So, she is trying to make him change, hoping one day he becomes a good guy.

Women usually are interesting to have a relationship with a man she has made some effort to win, in contrast to a guy who is AFC and he gives his balls to her immediately.

Do this experiment. Tell a girl you know, that her boyfriend is a very nice guy. Usually, she will try to defend him and she will tell you that he's not a nice guy and sometimes he's a "bad boy". This means that women don't like the good guys, except if they are their brothers.

But, you may ask, why so many women are with men who are "nice guys"?

The answer is simple. Women are always looking for their ideal man. Inside them, there is this "Prince with the white horse" mentality.

The truth is that with time, this idea dilutes. So if this "Prince" never comes to her, they will search for someone similar or, at least, someone to be with her so she won't be alone. If she's in a relationship, she's more secure and has more confidence.

So, if a woman is with a nice guy, most of the times this means that she couldn't find a better man.

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