I decided to give the natural game a try.

Natural is the type of game where you approach a girl directly, not as a guy who knows 150 lines and does not have something of his own.

Why am I doing this?

At first, I got so bored with negs, DHV stories (to show that I have more value than her) etc.

When I game indirectly, I always have in my mind things like "Where am I now, at what stage, if it's better to go on A3 or continue with A2," "Do I have to look at her eyes now or to act like I'm not interested", "Do I have to kiss her now or it is better to wait a bit longer" and so on.

I also got bored of the Speed Seduction's patterns and generally, I want to try something different, a direct and natural kind of game.

Direct game is the same as indirect. You still have attraction, comfort, and seduction, but it's better.

Mystery method teaches us that our value is lower than a woman's and we need to raise it by using lines and other techniques.

I believe however that we have the same value the 10s have, and even more. If you approach a girl with the idea that your value is lower than her's and that you need to use some pickup lines in order to raise it, then guess what my friend, you already have low value and the game is already lost.

Those pickup lines are for nonattractive men, not for everyone. For men who are attractive or muscular, or men who have a social experience and social freedom, the direct method is the best choice around.

I'm already working to improve my style and my game.

And, in my opinion, the whole community will soon turn into the natural and direct style.

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