By mistake, I noticed something that seemed strange to me.

I was a few days ago in a branded clothes store. As I looked for clothes to buy, I pass by a group of girls and I asked them: -Is this the department with the women's clothing? -Yes, they replied. -I want to get something as a gift. Is there anything good?

And they answered me. Like asking a salesperson. Hmm, I thought, they simply replied with no routines. I immediately opened the group and without trying and most important, without saying anything else. They immediately answered.

So I was going out a few afternoons to try this. It worked, but sometimes this is not socially acceptable.

So I added "excuse me" and I did it this way: -Excuse me... [pause], I would like an opinion on something.... [pause].... blah blah blah.

The "excuse me" part added because it is socially accepted as something to say when talking to a stranger. Pauses did not come to make you a mystery man, but to give them time to accept you and understand better what you want.

Good luck.

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