In previous articles, I have mentioned a study that says women not only like bad boys, thieves, rapists, but most of the time they want to have sex with them or even children. Every so often this research is confirmed...

Today's news concerns a Swiss prison guard, Angela Magdici, 32, who helped a Syrian rapist escape jail and are now on the run, possibly in Greece. Will you tell me where else to go? Greece is a paradise for (illegal) immigrants.

The couple

As it became known, Magdici made the night shift with another colleague. At 5am it was found that the Syrian serial rapist was missing, and the guard vanished with him while her colleague was taking a nap. The married prison guard pouting and posing in a brand new car bought by her estranged husband, which the bar-crossed lovers later used to escape.

With photos like this, many women want them...

Though one might say that perhaps his appearance was the reason she went with him, it is not. Women have a "madness" for dangerous guys, whether they are rapists or murderers, while many have similar fantasies with them. Even the 80-year-old murderer Charles Manson has a woman who loves him, the 26-year-old Afton Burton who want to marry him.

Charles Manson and his Fiancee

The endless invasion of illegal immigrants from the Middle East, in my opinion, is expected from women who want brutal sex. And if you think this is not the case and they only want to help them, read about the British women who were traveling to the Calais Jungle 'to have SEX with migrants – and some have multiple partners in a day'. That's why in social media you see many young people supporting immigrants, bullying on anyone who says something bad about them. Maybe that's why they support them.

And with the anonymity a night with an immigrant can offer, where a woman simply fck him (or he fck her), without cliché dating, flowers, and unexpected messages when she is with her husband and without the fear for her secret to being shared, she can fulfill her needs and desires and then she can return to her boyfriend/husband to play the innocent and full in love woman.

All this immigration party is like a gift for women who dreamed of a barbaric man and they will surely do everything they can, to bring more of these men from the Middle East to have a variety.

Although women have always been worshiping "bad guys", there has recently been an outburst of any sexually promising stallion (and especially immigrant). About two years ago, I met an Albanian who was more tremendous than the Syrian of this story. Although I will not analyze here more (perhaps I will do it in a next article, mainly to mention the "battle" between the males and how you can not only improve yourself, and how to be comfortable and even be respected by such men), while we were talking about women, he told me that most women are slts and he fcks a different girl almost every day, even women in a relationship want to have sex with him.

And do you think that you need this "X" product from a beta PU instructor, to be like these guys who don't need any product to f*ck? No, the game is already inside you, nature gave you the necessary tools to attract and seduce a woman, you just have to bring them to the surface.

But what is happening and women are so crazy for these men? They are single? We could say that they are single and they have been single for years, but it is not true, at least in the case of the Swiss prison guard, which was married to a Romanian. What I believe has to do in their thirst for wild sex and the brutal alien, who even comes from wild conditions and will not hesitate to hit them for nothing, is their passion.

And as I have mentioned many times, "bad guys" will soon be extinct, as most men today are just "nice guys". While the average man shaves all the hair of his body, looks at his body every day and also may wear makeup (yes, that's true), the brutal alien wants only to have sex. And that is what excites women.

Yeah, I know, all men want to have sex, so why women don't want them? I'm sorry, but they are not all the same, at least in a woman's mind. They want wildness, sex without limits, men who do not be afraid to dominate them and sorry, many men today can't do it and as time passes, the number will be even sorter.

And it's not just the men, no. In fact, men are mainly responsible for their desperation for a woman, where they become pussyslaves, and they are able to cut their balls and offer them to the first chick who will smile at them, so she can be good for them or they can anything that will get them to know a woman slightly better. But you can put the blame on feminism since women are the ones who turned men to "chickens" and now they are looking for true men because these "chickens" are turning them off.

Our last line of defense, the jihad like beard.

By closing this article, which is just an observation (and/or a prediction) of what is coming, we could say that the brutal males will not be completely lost, but they will be a minority.

We could even say that the seduction community is trying to "re-engineering" the alpha males with their products, but sorry, I will disappoint you again. Surely you can learn how to talk to women, how to pass their shit tests, how to approach them and how to say what you want, but brutality is something that can be learned through experience and it can't be learned from books. For me, products like "how to be a caveman" or "How to be a bad-boy" or even "How to be fearless" have no difference from toilet papers.

Really, do you know any PU instructor who looks like a "Caveman", or who is a "bad-boy", or "brutal"? Come on! go and check it out! I'm waiting. They are not, but they 'somehow' can teach it to you. Seems legit.

Tough men, "bad boys" or whatever you want to call them, are like this because they grew up in this way. And it is very difficult for most of the nice guys to become bad boys or brutal men, unless they started learning the game since they were 5 yrs old, where their personality was not fully formed and they started directly from the "hard" PU products.

I don't say that it's a good idea to become a "Bad Boy", or that it's good to be brutal, but because I've seen an increase in that kind of products lately, and people are generally 'thirsty' about such products (the title of many products proves that) I daresay that in most cases it's fake-brutal or just someone who thinks that he's brutal but he looks like a baby, always judging by their infield videos. The real brutal and manly way it can be attained (at least to a large extent), but it takes a long time and much (much) effort.

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