Although I have written again about the men who don't approach women, women who are out for meeting men, the problem still exists and the truth is that the 99% of men do not approach women they're interested.

This article is about a video that is viral (1.5ml hits at the time I write this post). In the video we see a guy, "opening" chicks with the line "Hey, I like you". This video, even though I knew about it, was sent to me by some followers of the blog asking for my opinion, so I thought to make a post about it.

You are on a busy street in London, ready to approach and seduce some 'innocent chicks'. You see a very attractive girl, but something inside you doubts about the approach or its result. If you are not sure, stop and don't approach her, because soon approaching random women will be an offense in Britain.

A few years ago, I came across a woman I used to know. Talking to her and asking her what she did the last summer, she told me that she was on vacations alone. Since she's very attractive, it seemed strange to me that she was alone.

If you read any dating book (or any other PU product), you will see how they are giving great importance on approaching random women. Indirect, Direct, Passive, Brutal, Caveman, Pimp style or any other type of approach from the PU-sphere and everyone wondering what's the best pickup line and what's the perfect approach. The only thing, however, that no one is asking "Do women like to be approached?".

Night game and also day game may have been the most beloved ways of picking up women, but they are not the only ways to get to know women. In fact, for some people, these places are the worst to meet women (aka approach or social anxiety), so they are looking for other places like Facebook and Tinder. But there are many more ways to get to know women and I mention where you can meet them easily.