If you read this blog regularly, surely you may have read on some points to mention that in my first steps in self-improvement, I was talking with various instructors and, mainly, with "old-school" players, to give me their advice on some issues I had.

One advice that made me particularly impressed was that I had to increase my testosterone levels because it would make me more aggressive when I see a beautiful woman, and I will try to have sex with her (you know, semi-brutal situations), and my external attributes will change. In this article, we will see how the guy eventually was right and how testosterone and your game are connected.

The road I hit when I was young in self-improvement..

The characteristics of a man can be changed by many factors. The pickup game and your social circle are some, but testosterone is the strongest factor of all. Before continue, however, it is good to look at some things about testosterone and what factors influence it, so we have come to a point where men have very low levels of testosterone in the last decades.

You see, testosterone is the predominantly male hormone that regulates a man's sexual characteristics such as reproductive function, libido and sexual function, while acting as a competitor of the female hormones naturally present in our body, estrogen [1], and the opposite, ie the increase in these hormones, significantly affects the production of testosterone.

What happens when there are elevated estrogen levels?

Let's look at some of the unwanted side effects of men with elevated estrogen levels:

  • Low libido (lack of desire for sex)
  • Erectile dysfunction, low erection quality and lack of morning erection
  • Reduced reproductive capacity (due to the fact that sperm is affected, as there are studies in mice showed reduced sperm count)
  • Baldness or hair loss
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Problems or pain of the prostate
  • Increased weight and generally ease of weight gain as well as more fat at the belly
  • Gynecomastia
  • Swelling in the face

Prolactin and testosterone

Prolactin is also referred as the milk hormone since it is responsible for milk production by women [2]. Although it plays an important role in many functions of our body, however it works competitively with testosterone and its increase, reduces testosterone. In fact, men with erection problems and reduced testosterone levels, they should look at the levels of prolactin first, before looking at something else [3].

Symptoms of high prolactin

Some symptoms of high prolactin are [4, 5, 6]:

  • Erectile dysfunction, unable to have a full erection or to maintain it
  • Reduced sperm count
  • Gynecomastia and/or sensitive nipples that may be fluid
  • Reduction of muscle mass and hair
  • Common fatigue and drowsiness
  • Fat on the belly and hips
  • Anorgasmia, ie incomplete orgasm or too long until orgasm

Our body is engineered to produce testosterone at its higher levels, but instead, thanks to today's chemicals and nutrition [7], it produces - in large quantities - prolactin, the hormone that, as we have seen, is produced by pregnant women, whereas in turn, causes estrogen growth in men. In fact, treatment with prolactin blockers and testosterone implants had an effect, but it was not a long-term result [8], making the treatment a difficult condition.

Low metabolism and testosterone

One more issue, before I continue, is low metabolism. Although I have mentioned low metabolism in an earlier article, here I will briefly mention the symptoms of low metabolism. The main cause of low metabolism is low carbohydrate diets, intense exercise without properly replenishing the lost energy (aka low calories intake), and low-calorie diets [22, 23, 24, 25].

Symptoms of low metabolism

  • Erectile dysfunction [9, 10, 11]
  • Reduced Libido [12, 13]
  • Frequent urination in Men and Women, or nocturia with white urine [14]
  • Sleep problems (waking up many times in the night)
  • Increase weight, difficulty to lose weight

As we can see, low testosterone levels are not a simple matter and you can't repair your metabolism easily. Usually, doctors will give you either a testosterone-booster treatment or a Cialis-type drug to treat erectile dysfunction without giving more look to its causes.

Here I will stop mentioning the hormone issues, and I will continue with the main topic of the article, but I must emphasize that morning erection is perhaps the best indication that something is wrong with your body and specifically with your hormones (some doctors they also call it "the first warning sign"), since it is directly linked to the correct balance of testosterone and estrogen.

Whether you are 30 or 50 years old, if you have noticed these changes in your sexual life (erectile dysfunction, low libido, lack of morning erection, and premature ejaculation), then you have to look over the problem and not let it goes with its fate, because it only "happened" sometimes.

Testosterone and flirt

I will continue with a study conducted at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan [15], which tells us that increased testosterone in men affects their behavior in flirting.

In the study, the men attended were watched by the scientists about how they competed with each other to "get" the attention of a beautiful female student.

Researchers found that men whose blood testosterone levels were elevated were more competitive than other men when flirting with a woman with the ultimate goal of conquering it.

In particular, they observed that when men had elevated testosterone, their behavior is greatly influenced by the fact that they wanted to win a woman. Indeed, as they mentioned, testosterone concentrations before their competition for the beautiful girl has influenced both their "sovereignty" behavior, not just trying to knock off their opponents but also humiliate them.

The men with the highest testosterone concentrations had the most success as they gained more women's attention and appreciation, and we will still see a relative research below.

Although this is not the first research about this topic, scientists have pointed out that the connection between testosterone and the behavior of a man in his relationships, whether are social or emotional, is very strong. Something that, as they said, is not the case in animals, as in men this function becomes complex and the reason is that men by their great need for sovereignty consciously influence how testosterone shapes their behavior.

Which men do women consider beautiful?

We have seen more men with more testosterone in their blood, charm or easily gained the appreciation of women. So I think that here it is worth mentioning another study, which I read on a blog [16], but I could not find its source.

According to this blog, "there is a myth of the view that women prefer to the good body shape, but research has shown that they are attracted to men with dense eyebrows," with scientists attributing it "to the masculinity that represents a thick and undisturbed eyebrow, unlike with a careful and well-formed".

On the question whether women prefer good shaped men or not, top PUAs also have their own answer. But when the fox isn't able to reach something, then you know what it does...

Women also consider the beard to be charming in men, while the impression was that the majority chose those men who had scars on the face. Of course, these are not accidental, and women are "moved" by the "heat" of a man and his beard, which only the "bums" have in the past, and it gives a "wildness" to the man.

The same goes for the marks on the face since they show a strong past, which gives mystery and charm to the man.

Interestingly, we have to look at another piece, since we are talking about the charm of men. In a previous article I mentioned the results of the testosterone test in some Americans and during the video, you can see what their faces would be if they had enough testosterone.

I also mentioned that many men today are like sacks, that is, you do not distinguish a muscle on them or even while they are older, they look like they have the body of a small child, with little shoulders, "extinct" chest and weak hands.

In the following video and without of course wanting to offend the 8bit guy, you can see the body language and the body in general of many men today.

See for example the below photo. On the left, it shows how is a man with the features I describe and with a round face and right, how is a man who looks more impressive. Strong eyebrows and general hair growth, a sign of testosterone [17], but also a triangular face, which contributes positively. In these features, you can find several similarities to the video showing how Buzzfeed columnists would have had satisfactory testosterone levels in their blood.

And there are other studies that saying that men with a big face seen as more dominant and have higher rates of testosterone [18, 19]. Indeed, men with a large face have a larger libido [20], which also concerns testosterone.

The "wildness" in the face, which is also caused by other factors as I wrote at the beginning of the article, is also what makes you look friendly or hostile and generally whether others will take you seriously or not [21].

It is also possible that what makes a woman looking at you from afar to a bar, for example, when it is full of men and they focus on one or two of them who stand out of the crowd. For example, you may think that the waiter or the bartender may be the most attractive in a club, perhaps with a few tattoos on them, but women would stalk on another man who looks like a punk. I have mentioned this in earlier articles, I will also refer to it again in the future.

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