Just as the title says. With time I realized that a true player is a person who needs no game.

If you want to become a true player, stop downloading so many stuff about routines and opening lines and start improving yourself. I've read on many forums people asking "how to talk about that," "How to open her if she's sitting" etc, but they didn't ask how to improve themselves.

Another thing why forums are bad is this: When a new user joins a forum, he instantly gives more value to users who have a few thousand posts. This is not exactly bad, but I realized this about those members, they just repeating every word they have read in the books. They have read tonnes of books, I agree, but I don't believe that they have tested most of the stuff they read.

So, a new member has a lot of questions to ask and he doesn't know much about seduction. So, he only takes advises for the members with the most posts, without thinking that if one spends his time to write so many posts in just one forum, he doesn't spend so much time in the field.

So what he knows, are from books only and not from his experiences.

If this new member could go out with those members, he will see almost instantly that they don't know so much of the game. And with this new thing, members sharing fake stories and photos, you can't easily understand who to ask and who to avoid.

So, stop trying to memorize tonnes of stuff. Just improve yourself. Learn how to have solid confidence and avoid making the mistakes every AFC does.

In the beginning, I couldn't talk to the beautiful women, even if I had read so many PU stuff. Over time, I left this stuff behind and I tried to improve myself, the way I speak, the way I move and much more and the way I approach girls, without even think about it.

So, focus on yourself. Improve yourself. Don't think what you have to say, just say it. You see a girl you like, go and talk to her. Have confidence and never be afraid of what others may think about you or what a girl you like may think. Just do what you want.

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