From time to time I hear women saying "Where are the men?"

And of course, with this, they don't mean the sex but the real masculine men. But they don't know that this is their fault.

When a kid is with his mother and sees something, her mother says something like "Mind your own business".

When someone hit this kid, her mother will not allow him to defend himself, and she will tell him something like "you are a nice kid, nice kids do not do such things" or even blame her kid.

You see, men are not the problem. The problem is their mothers. Our society is based on the woman, not the man. Our society is broken because women and feminism are ruined our society.

Boys who have been raised gender neutral.

Women raise their children to become the man they don't like to date. However, they raise their boys to become soft men and not a masculine man. This is the reason why masculine men are so rare today.

Everyone woman is in front of their TVs or their mobile phones, looking for the next famous model to take ideas from.

So what men these women are going to create?

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