Night game and also day game may have been the most beloved ways of picking up women, but they are not the only ways to get to know women. In fact, for some people, these places are the worst to meet women (aka approach or social anxiety), so they are looking for other places like Facebook and Tinder. But there are many more ways to get to know women and I mention where you can meet them easily.

Let's face it, apps like Tinder are your "showcase," the book's cover, where if you are not "acceptable", you can not do a lot in dating. And as for someone, the approach may be difficult to do, the same goes and for some other people on sites like Tinder or Facebook - due to their appearance.

Imagine someone who does not have solid "game" and he can't approach a woman in a bar, for example, and he has not an appropriate appearance to have success online, what should he do? Of course to find other places to meet women. Although cold approach requires both appearance and good game, there are some places that do not require either, only your... time.

And don't parrot what you have heard, that you must have good game anywhere because it is not true. What I want to say is that in social meetings (such as those between friends), your character plays a major role, and you have the positive thing that mutual friends will push the situation between you and a woman. Besides, how do you think so many AFCs and betas dated or married with women, by luck?

So, if you don't like the cold approach or you don't have success by doing cold approaches (a future article will mention the cons of a cold approach), and you don't want or even you don't know how to play the online - dating - game, don't grieve. Below I will mention some places where you can go and meet women with whom you will often come in contact so they will get to know you better (I mean social contact but why not, you should try and for a more... personal contact).

And if you still can not do anything with a girl you like, don't forget the social circle game, as those women have friends too, which means that your circle will expand (you will go out with some girls and you will meet their friends). Remember, however, that these places are for a long-term game, and I mean that you can't expect to go just one day and the very next day to have a few phone numbers and start [email protected] girls immediately, but it will take some time for them to open - socially - to you.

Please note that the following methods will be analyzed based on what is actually true and I warn you that my opinions may be disliked by some visitors. I do not care to just write a top-10 list of the 'best' places, where I put only the good ones (like many articles do). If you want fake articles and just top-10 lists, then you are in a wrong place. You Have Been Warned.

Also, this post is not for women only, you can use this guide and the mentioned activities to go and meet new friends, but the main purpose of the article is about meeting women.

And one last thing I would like to mention is the fact that some of you may consider somewhat as "beta" or "desperate move" the attempt to get to meet women with one of the following ways and the "Alpha" way of cold approach would be a better option. OK, but for some people approaching women on streets is also a desperate move, or for others is the online flirt etc. My opinion is to always have fun with what you do, even if you meet women in... funerals and stop being bothered by what others are thinking of you.

For example, if you are lonely in your life, then those people who call you "beta" if you go to a dance school to get to know women, will not come and keep you company, they don't care if you are alone. So, screw anyone's opinion and start living your life.

last but not least, this "beta" thing has become a parrot, everyone keeps saying it for everything, it's like the word "noob" the gamers use. Don't bother by it, most of them don't know what it means.

Dance clubs - Dance schools

By far the most... traditional way to get to know women but also to make friendships. These places have grown in popularity in the last years, mainly because they have "plenty of fish". In addition, you can come close with a woman, touch her while dancing, which makes intimacy built much faster and you do not have to think about "KINO" techniques, and there are also the parties organized by many schools every day, which brings you into contact with even more people.

You should know that the 90% of the people who go there just looking for a mate, either women or men and they don't go because they love dancing. You may see women coming for 1-2 times and then disappear. This shows that they didn't find something "interesting" to keep them coming (sorry guys, if this ever happened in your class, that means that she didn't like you too), or she just didn't have the time to follow the dance classes.

There are also women who go dancing schools because as I said they are looking for a man and of course they follow the classes until they find someone. I call these women "vulnerable" and they are more open to date someone. Once they get to know the man they like, they will disappear from the school and they will come back again when they split up and look for someone new. It is no coincidence that widows (and many times with children) leave their children to their parents and then go to the dance parties, they don't do that for the dance. Just in the minds of women, it is still true that meeting = social networking, so they do so. But why they just don't go out in the bars to meet a man, maybe you ask yourself. The reason why we will analyze in a future article.

The bad thing about these dance schools is that they have a lot of weirdos or desperate men, and this makes women somewhat cautious. Know that when a man who is new to the classroom, starts talking to all of them, greeting them every time and trying to show that he is a social beast or a womanizer, he makes the women see him as a desperate and miserable, and even at the parties it is the same, many women go there with the company of their friends, just to avoid these weirdos.

How can someone does not want to learn dance with women like this?

Do not be misunderstood, I'm not saying it's bad if you want to meet women. The problem is that when a place has a lot of women, it attracts men like bees round a honeypot, and either they are players and they raise the level, or they are weirdos - something that mostly happens - and why their desperate attempts they drive away the women. I foresee in a few years that these schools become like military camps, only men will be there.

Of course, the same goes here, the woman should like you. For example, you might want to ask a girl to dance at a party and she denies ("I apologize but I just sit down", "Let me first finish the cigarette" etc) and after a few seconds, you may see her dancing with someone else. This means that you do not have a lot of appreciation from her or she consider you as the desperate man she wants to avoid. The bad thing is that if you make some "moves" to some chicks and because we are talking about a small society in a dance school, it will be learned to the others and they will put you a big "X". So you need to be careful and being restrained because there are some men who when they see 10 women gathered together, they act like little kids in a playground.

A good choice is also the tango schools, although many Latin schools also teaching tango. Although tango has not so many people like the other types of dances, it can teach you how to walk and move with an "Alpha" style, since it is purely a "male" dance in which you "play" with the lady when you dance, you are serious and you do not talk to her ("What's your name", "do you have Facebook?" etc). It's not a "show-off" dance (like Salsa for example) where you want to show to the chick that you know 230 figures (so to impress her), which many men do (as if you know a lot of figures, she will open her legs only by that).

For me, this is the most 'manly' dancing, no matter if it does not have many chicks interested in tango.

Besides the Latin dance schools, there are also the traditional dance classes. However, in relation to Latin, you do not come into full contact with women (you are simply caught with one hand), and there are also classes where women and men are separated as they have different steps and the figures are different. Surely there are some targets in these schools, although usually there you will find women who are looking to be married (after all, many weddings have taken place in traditional dance classes). There you will find the type of woman you should marry, because many women come from the provinces, growing up with the well-known standards.

Common activities

This is a huge category since there are countless things to do. Remember that a woman prefers to meet someone who already knows from somewhere or has something in common with him, like a hobby, than the average Joe who approached her on the streets. Of course, it does not mean that you have to go and do every activity I mention, but go to what you like to do, otherwise, you will be bored and give it up very quickly. Let's look at most of these.


You can do some kind of sports such as tennis, volleyball (you can try beach games too), Yoga or group classes in the gym, and more extreme like rafting, cycling, jogging, climbing, diving and in general that it can be done with groups of people (for example, Trekking has many such activities). More information can be found on any clubs' page on FB, where with a simple Google search, you can find many of them.

I would not recommend going to the gym (eg weight lifting or martial arts) to meet women since it is a bit difficult for pickup women. It does not bring you into direct contact with women (even in martial arts, they will not allow you to practice with a woman, except of course the group sections mentioned in this article) and you should approach someone you like, or to stand next to her "by luck" while she is using a machine and talk with her. You can find a lot of women in Zumba classes.


Here you can watch various free - or not - seminars on something that interests you. For example, you can learn a foreign language (French and German classes have many women), or computer and office management (many women want to work in an office and they have to learn how to use a PC and its programs), and some meetings with speeches on various issues (you can find such events on Facebook), and there are also the meetings of an FB group's members.

Theater and photography are also good choices, something you can do in special schools (and it definitely brings you in touch with many people), or fine arts, such as jewelry making. There are many schools where they offer many such activities in one place so you can do many of them.

Various Groups and Associations

Other common activities are some associations, such as edphy, the Church (yes do not laugh at it, there are many meetings in some churches and they have many activities), organizations such as the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, WWF and other voluntary programs. Although not so popular, but if someone is unemployed, he can participate in some of them, because the hours they ask you to go are somewhat difficult if you work. The good thing, of course, is that you can find a free voluntary program, so you do not have to pay for a monthly subscription, where now with the economic crisis there are many people who avoid participating in schools that require payment.

For the most extreme people

The game does not stop on any list and the chances of getting to know women are infinite. For the most "crazy" people I have two more "options" and are the weddings and the baptisms. What you can do? Go with your wingman (or alone) to weddings and christenings. The game starts in the church and continues in the after party. There you can make a good game because there is the mood of the marriage (or the baptism, the result of a relationship) and women act differently there. But as I said it is for the most "crazy" and of course it is only appropriate if you have exhausted any other choice.

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