Although I have written again about the men who don't approach women, women who are out for meeting men, the problem still exists and the truth is that the 99% of men do not approach women they're interested.

Here we are again to talk about the girls that complaining online how the guys are just glimpsing but never making a move [1]. No one approaches them, even though they want it, as they say, and despite so many videos, pick up products and the rise of so many "seduction instructors", women still complain that men never making a move. However, as you can read at the previous post, there is a gap between the men and the women (the target), the fact that they are NOT approached by those who want to approach them.

Yes, the men who they want to be approached by, as I wrote about in a previous article, are the men who women stare all the time, a sign that they want to approach them. So, women do not complain that no man is approaching them, no. They complain why they are NOT approached by the men they like (yes, all fingers are not same, sorry if I broke your heart).

Me when flirting...

As I wrote before, loneliness will be the new trend of the time. Is this because men have fear, to the point that they lose their minds speaking to pretty women [2], is this because modern women have lost their minds, is this because women today have more confidence than men, is this because millennials are almost always online [3], with no other interest?

The point is that many women going out without men (no matter if they have men-dummies with them, most of these men are 'penisless', they do not have sex with them, these are the men who women sometimes have along to protect them from the... players, those who they themselves say they do not approach them in the first place, I know, it sounds crazy...)

So, the No1 complain women have is that men only looking at them and never making a move.

Of course, here I have to say that it is not a problem for men alone, right? That is, men were approaching women for years, of course, there was no need for Mystery and for Style for the old school players to approach a girl, they did it and they still do it everywhere today.

The fact that men are afraid of the rejection has to do with women purely. You see, women complaining that men are not approaching them, but when they are approached by someone who is not on their 'ok' list, they immediately stamp him as an 'ugly' and of course, they do not want to do anything with him.

In a survey of why men don't approach women, 10 men answered that it is almost too much for them to refuse rejection. And OK, answers like this can hide a limited mindset, but some of these answers came out because many men have approached some women in the past and they rejected them, and these men are now afraid that the story will just repeat, so they do not even approach and even if they accept everyday compliments for their appearance.

And it should not seem strange to you that attractive men are afraid to approach or they are alone, I know what I say. Once I came out with a guy like that and it took me 'ages' to change his mindset.

For women who are in a bar, for instance, men who are not a prize (or high value) are simply invisible, women have not even seen them like they are not even in the place. And if these men approach a woman, their reaction would be as if they were bothered by a fly on a lunch table. Their eyes will "lock" on the males who have fascinated them, in fact, one of them and will "play" with him with their eyes until they get bored (in case he do not approach her) and she will continue to the next high-value guy. That's why I insist that a man should become the man women have on their list, by the way, he behaves and without even approach them.

That women are crying about they are alone, is at least hypocritical. It reminds me of today's anti-racists, who do everything for immigrants and the diversity, until a migrant hits on their door (see Margherita Scarpellini for example [6], where her daughter falls in love with "migrant") or even the women who play the virgin role, while the 90% of them has cheated on their husband and the remaining 10% has thought about doing it.

Women are either alone or not approached, because they simply do not easily give men a chance, or treat them like a trash, especially those who are not like or do not consider as 100% males (because women are afraid to treat real men badly, because real men don't take shit from no one).

They are alone because they just fear what their friends will say if they go on a date with a stranger while they have dozens of accounts on dating sites and they are grabbing any dick comes up in front when they are alone. Besides, women don't go to the immigrants camps to talk about politics [7].

I was present in a pickup attempt, where the guy was literally pushed by her girlfriends, even telling him "Well, get out from here, enough." Tell me now, with what confidence this guy will go to the next group of women?

And all right, I know that they choose the men they want, and so is the nature, where the females animals deliberately look badly to avoid the... gaff they do not want [8], but it should be rare for today to have so many people being alone, especially in big cities, with the crowd of people and the choices it offers to find your other half, but also with the ease of getting new meetings by the various social apps.

So what to do, you may ask, to avoid approach women? No, I'm not saying that. Just know that in today's society the hypocrisy plays a major role, and that is true and in an innocent "no" of women. You definitely do not have to take it seriously and you definitely do not have to leave the battle in the middle, you have to pull the game to the end until either you get her phone or you get out of the bar by the staff. It is more likely that this woman is desperate for sex (or she previously had sex with 2-3 unknown men, just for the change and until she finds something permanent, she's not a whore you know) and tells you no just why she has to say it in front of her friend (to show to them and to you that "she is not a slut" etc), rather than having a relationship and not looking for something else at that moment.

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