What is the opinion of girls when ugly men approach them? Not the best, if he is not good looking.

Recently one of my friends was in a group with men and women, talking about this and that. The main group was 3 girls and the rest of them were just unrelated and they were just looking to score with the girls.

At some point, someone asked the girls if they were in a relationship. The girls said no and then they asked them why they didn't have a boyfriend, as they were very beautiful girls. Their answer was that they did not know a man who was single at that time.

"But, when you are out, you are not being approached by men?", a man then asked to get this answer "we are approached by many men, but the bad thing is that we are approached by the ugly men, and they have no hope with us. The beautiful men are not approaching us at all, only the ugly men and this is starting to become tiring."

The only positive thing this girl said was that most of the times ugly men have more self-confidence than the good-looking men but that's all. After that, the most of the chatter was full of the irony of some pickup attempts some ugly men did to those girls.

So, guys, this is how a young woman thinks of an ugly man who approaches her in order to get to know her. That's why many dating products give a lot of attention to appearance and how to become more attractive, especially if you want to go out and meet some women. I also had a similar conversation with a girl, where she said the same to me and almost she talked scornfully for people who are not good looking. These opinions are usually from young girls (less than 25yrs old) and especially from the beautiful girls.

But don't get affected by such opinions, where most of the times are just automatic responses from a girl. Many women are too vulnerable to someone with a good game, since most of their lives they were looking for attractive men who often were "nice guys", which they did mainly to have someone next to them worthy of their own appearance, so they have not developed the appropriate "shield" to someone with strong game.

On the other hand, this does not mean that we do not have to mention all the cases (which you will rarely read somewhere else since it's bad for the business), especially when it comes to the cold approach and seduction.

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